Worldly Power Doesn’t Bring Everlasting Peace – Pope Francis

The biggest news in South Sudan on Friday was the return of Rebecca Nyandeng Garang and SPLM G-10 members from exile.

Rebecca Garang who is the widow of the South Sudan founding father, thumb John Garang broke down in tears  after being welcomed at the Juba International Airport by relatives and politicians.

She has been in exile in the neighboring Kenyan capital Nairobi for close to two years since the beginning of the bloody internal conflict that broke out in December 2013.

She was immediately put under house arrest at her home in Juba allegedly under direct orders from President Salva Kiir with whom she had disagreed over a reforms debate in the ruling SPLM. She later left Juba to Kenya.

On Friday Rebecca joined the Pagan Amum`s group known as the SPLM Group 10 who have been given 10 percent power share by the peace accord in August.

After getting out of the plane, recipe Mrs Garang was jovial and waving to people at the airport. She however suddenly changed her face some minutes and faced the ground.

She then started crying before deciding to leading the group to her husband`s dedicatory space at the John Garang`s National Museum.

Mrs. Garang returned without her son Mabior de Mabior Garang who is now the publicity for the rebel movement, SPLA- In Opposition under former vice president Dr. Riek Machar.
Emerging from an extraordinary visit to a shanty suburb in Nairobi Kenya where he strongly lashed out at the government and nation’s elite for neglecting the poor, purchase Pope Francis has carried a related message to the Ugandan leadership – that the worldly wealth and power n is all but vanity.

Pope Francis this morning addressed hundreds of thousands of believers who gathered for a historic mass at the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine to mark 50 years of the canonization of the slain Uganda martyrs.

In his message which was relayed in full presence of everyone that matters in the topside of Ugandan political hierarchy, buy information pills Pope Francis preached fervently about humility, respect of humanity, acceptance of the disadvantaged.

Reflecting severally on the lives and sacrifices of the Uganda Martyrs, His Holiness appealed to the congregation to focus not so much on the wealth and power that the world has to offer, for these are not the ultimate source of lasting joy.

“The witness of the martyrs shows to all who have heard their story, then and now, that the worldly pleasures and earthly power do not bring lasting joy or peace,” he said.

“Rather, fidelity to God, honesty and integrity of life, and genuine concern for the good of others bring us that peace which the world cannot give.”

President Museveni and his wife Janet arrive for the mass at Namugongo

President Museveni and his wife Janet arrive for the mass at Namugongo

At the grand mass at which President Yoweri Museveni; who has held power for the last three decades was in attendance, Pope Francis called for building of a “more just society which promotes human dignity, defends God’s gift of life and protects the wonders of nature, his creation and our common home.”

Also present was opposition leaders Dr Kizza Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi who during their ongoing presidential campaigns have preached the need for the country to see its first peaceful transition of power.

Opposition candidates Col Kizza Beisgye and Amama Mbabazi at the Namuguno Martyrs Shrine

Opposition candidates Col Kizza Beisgye and Amama Mbabazi at the Namuguno Martyrs Shrine

Prior to the Pope’s arrival, Col Besigye told press at his home in Kasangati that he hoped that the Pontiff would engage president Yoweri Museveni on the need to have peaceful power transfer.

Dr. Besigye said that the Pope’s visit is a blessing because the country needs prayers especially now that the national elections are around the corner.

Pope Francis will shortly be addressing youths at the Kololo Independence grounds where he is expected to emphasize the importance of their social economic inclusion, and empowerment.



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