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Women in Sports: Meet Nkumba Lady Marine’s Brenda Ekon

Brenda Ekon (right) going for a basket

In the past, sports and women did not go hand in hand and the only time the two were mentioned in the same line; mothers were being credited for giving birth to sportsmen.

The position of women was somewhat sidelined but gone are the days. So we can now, to some extent, believe that it’s now an age of women in all sport disciplines as their power, impact and influence is now felt.

Brenda Ekon started her playing career way back in Form three at Nabumali High School in Mbale district before joining St. Mary’s Kitende.

While at St. Mary’s Kitende, she scooped a championship at National level and the East African games in 2013 before joining her current team, the Nkumba Lady Marines.

Many have nicknamed her the ‘Speed Merchant’, and believe me; Ekon always lives to the fans expectations.

ChimpReports’ Brian Kawalya conversed with Ekon; below we bring you the excerpts.

Yes Ekon, What does it take to play basketball as a Lady?

To play basketball, it needs too much commitment which most Ladies do not have at the time.

What is the difference between Men’s basketball from Ladies’?

The men tend to be more energetic, they have the strength compared to the ladies.

How do you mix with your team mates?

Hmmm … I always get on well with them because we understand each other, we all know everyone’s strength and weakness, so we lean on each other’s Shoulders.

What exactly don’t they like about you and why?

Not passing the ball to them. I personally think that sometimes I am placed in better positions to score than them.

What is your basketball dream specifically?

Playing for the National team, of course – the Gazelles.

Who would you name in your list of best 5 basketballers in Uganda currently?

I go for Angella Nansobya, Ayo Judith, Jamilah Nansikombi, Ageno Sarah, Martha Soigi and I can add Maureen Amoding in 6th place.

Name the hardest player you have ever faced in the league

Monica Sima of KCCA Leopards; She really gives me hard time, she has tight defense, especially when it comes man to mam marking.

Who is your best friend in Basketball?

All my teammates, Esther Marion of KIU Rangers and Jessica Namugala.

If it was not for Basketball, where do you think you would be now?

I think I would be an established athlete somewhere; I started as a runner of short distances before I chose Basketball.

If you were born a man, who would you play like and why?

Jimmy Enabu, I love his handles, his shooting skills, the speed he has and his finishing especially those lay-ups.

Ekon admires Jimmy Enabu 's playing skills

Ekon admires Jimmy Enabu ‘s playing skills

Any message for the aspiring lady out there who would love to play Basketball?

Train hard, get committed, and have respect for the game.

What is that first thing that comes into your mind when you step on the court?

Scoring definitely would be the first thing I can think of.

How is your normal Sports week like?

On Monday, I do my Joggings, then I work on my speed, train on stairs and cones from Tuesday to Thursday.

On Friday, it’s strictly ball work and this is where I work on my handles, shooting and lay-ups. I also train with coach Timo depending on what he has in store for me on that day.

Saturday, I do work on my body fitness and build up then i take a rest on Sunday.

At 21, Ekon is single and thinking of how to get into a relationship

At 21, Ekon is single and thinking of how to get into a relationship

Best Gadget

I love Samsung Galaxy S8, it has a good camera and it operates it applications so fast.

Love life

I am single and thinking of how to get into a relationship.

Fact file

Name: Brenda Ekon

Age: 21 years

Club: Nkumba Lady Marines

Jersey number: 10

Education: Nabumali High School (O’level) and St. Mary’s Kitende (A’level). She is now pursuing Bachelors in Social Works and Social Administration, third year at Nkumba University.

Background: She is the third born from a family of 6 children.

Favourite Song: Am still here (Juliana Kanyomozi).

Food: Matooke and Pork.

Best Movie: Forever Young.

Favorite hangout: The beach.

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