Woman Charged for Burning Husband Alive

A 33 year old woman narrated to the Kampala High Court yesterday, more about how her co-wife gruesomely murdered their husband back in 2013.

Joy Zawedde says Carol Tuhaise with whom they were married to Christopher Waswa, cost now deceased, stuff burnt their husband alive in the their house located in Ggangu, Wakiso district

The presiding judge Justice Wilson Masalu Musene charged the accused (Tuhaise) with murder and attempted murder which counts she has denied.

State prosecution led by Babrah Masinde on Tuesday brought forward their first witness Joy Zawedde who told court that the accused did burn down their house and killed their husband as she had earlier vowed.

State Witness Zawedde says the accused had long tried to murder the husband

State Witness Zawedde says the accused had long tried to murder the husband

“On the fateful day, my husband came back home late and we stayed up for a long time as I prepared food. At around 3am I went out to prepare water for his shower and I saw the accused,” she said.

Zawedde says she rushed back in the house and told her husband that his other wife was outside. She adds that that night the Waswa slept in the sitting room because he was drunk.

“At around 5am I woke up to take by daughter outside, only to meet smoke billowing from the sitting room.

She says she tried in vain to save her husband and that in the process she sustained several burns on her body.

Zawedde says Keitesi had earlier in 2012 attacked her at the house and removed the windows from the house saying that it belonged to her.

The prosecution is expected to produce more than ten witnesses pinning the accused.


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