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Why Museveni Banned Air Conditioners At State House

Museveni attending the 39th World Congress of the ATA at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Wednesday

President Museveni has expressed dismay at Ugandans who hold as a necessity,  installation of air conditioners in their houses,  hotels and other building structures, ‘in a country that is so naturally air conditioned.’

Museveni cautioned on Wednesday against air conditioning and described it as an unhealthy practice imitated from the troubled West and therefore unnecessary in a country like Uganda.

Although it is a national installation “which belongs to you Ugandans”, the president says he ordered removal of all the thermo-comfort devices from State House in Entebbe.

“Fortunately I had had an input in building it. I immediately shut the air conditioners down. I don’t use them in any of my homes because I don’t need them,” Museveni told delegates at the opening of the 39th Africa Tour Association Conference at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Unlike in most foreign countries where air must be modified with the changing weather conditions, Museveni said Uganda is air conditioned by God.

He stated at the conference that Uganda, some parts of Kenya, DRC and Rwanda, being on the equator yet on a high altitude, have the best climate in the world.

“Even at night when I go to sleep, I don’t close my windows. I want to have all this fresh air, not the artificially modified one.”

Museveni however, noted that due to poor promotion of tourism, the world is not aware of Uganda’s natural beauty.

The president revealed that at one point he had to personally lobby the CNN to start including Kampala in their daily world weather update telecasts.

“Every time you are on television, they show you people being roasted in Rio, others being fried elsewhere at 40 degrees, while those in Moscow freeze at -10 degrees. I asked them why they don’t tell their viewers that there are places like Uganda where people are neither roasting nor freezing. Temperatures here in Kampala never exceed 28 degrees,” he noted.

The ATA Conference – the first in Uganda- pulled several hundred delegates from 21 counties, who until next Sunday will be sharing ways of promoting and transforming the Tourism industry on the continent.


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