Election 2016

Why Mukula Offered Museveni Campaign Chopper

Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament Capt Mike Mukula has said that he will work tooth and nail to ensure President Museveni and the NRM party retain power in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking to ChimpReports on Tuesday afternoon at Wabinyonyi playground in Nakasongola district, ask http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php during the incumbent’s second day on the campaign trail, buy Mukula said he felt heavily indebted to the President and the NRM government.

“I strongly believe in the NRM party and President Museveni’s leadership. I therefore had to put all my energies to canvassing for votes for them, treatment ” Mukula said.

“This chopper is the least I could give for Mzee Museveni to easily hunt for every vote, and you are going to see it to the last day the campaigns.”

Capt Mike Mukula, who was once the president’s personal pilot observed the having a copter on Museveni’s campaign was an indication of how far the country has come.”

Mukula said the helicopter takes the message much faster

Mukula said the helicopter takes the message much faster

“Back then we used to look for votes on bicycles; then we advanced to motorcycles and buses, and here we are now using choppers to reach even the deepest areas.”

“In Kenya both Kenyatta and Odinga used choppers during the presidential campaigns; in Tanzania John Magufuli had 8 whereas Lowasa had 4 choppers. We have also reached that stage,” he said.

He added that the tactic of using choppers is more effective than other means of reaching as many voters as possible.

“The posters on a chopper can easily be seen by many people at the same time and the message travels much faster.”


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