West Gate Terrorist, White Widow ‘Shot Dead’

National Housing and Construction Company Ltd (NHCC) Chief Executive Officer, stomach Felix Okoboi, has resigned after only 9 months in office.

The news of the new organisation’s boss came in late Wednesday.

By 8:50pm when Chimpreports posted this story, we were yet to get a comment from NHCC officials on the latest development.

However, sources said Okoboi threw in the towel after realising that the company’s financial condition was worse than expected due to high levels of corruption and infighting.

The 50-year old entity has been struggling with intrigue, rumour mongering and backstabbing among officials.

“Okoboi found that several officials had cut deals which went sour.  So he came when the Company was limping and given very high targets which he couldn’t achieve because of the corruption there,” said a source.

Okoboi was appointed as chief executive in March, replacing Mohammed Benomoran, the Libyan whose contract expired early 2013.

Police recently arrested Commercial Officer Caleb Kakuyo for engaging in a malicious media campaign against his bosses in what appeared a bitter internal power struggle.

Ironically, Kakuyo is a brother of anti-corruption crusader and former URA boss, Allen Kagina.

Okoboi who came in as CEO in March tried to bring sanity at NHCC by restructuring staff.

He said then that the move was intended to upgrade the roles and responsibilities by its workers in acquiring modern technology which fits with the current situation but this did not help the situation

National Housing and Construction Company Ltd claims to be Uganda’s leading housing developer with the mandate of increasing the housing Stocks in the country, rehabilitating the housing industry and encouraging Ugandans to own homes in an organized environment.

However, due to internal wrangles, NHCC has not been constructing houses in the last few years.

By 2020 the housing requirement in Kampala will be at 750,791 units, other towns 1,092,318 units, rural areas 8,482,889 units and nationally 10,325,990 units.

Under the provisions of the PERD Act, which places NHCC in Enterprise Class II, the Company was later privatized through a sale of 49 percent of voting shares to LAICO of the Government of Libya.  Government now owns the minimum allowed of 51 percent.

British Terrorist, this web Samantha Lewthwaite commonly known as the White Widow was shot dead by a Russian sniper in Ukraine two weeks ago according to a claim by Russian news agency, Regnum News.

Lewthwaite, 30 who is regarded as the world’s most wanted female terrorism suspect given the many terror attacks that she has been associated to, was also linked to the catastrophic Westgate attack on Nairobi in September, 2013 that claimed at least 67 lives and left more than 170 injured.

Known to be an ally of Somalia-based, AlShabaab, she was also recently reported to be working closely with the ISIS terrorist group in the Middle East.

Chimp Corps have however not yet verified the claim that was made Wednesday night.

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