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We Are Not Satisfied With EC Documents – Mbabazi Lawyers

Mourners on Friday gave moving speeches and eulogies to the last Managing Director of the defunct Uganda Commercial Bank, case http://danielborda.net/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php Dr. Frank Mwine who passed on last month.

Speaking at the his requiem mass at All Saints Cathedral, this site relatives and colleagues described the late  Mwine as one who lived a role model life.

Ernst Kakwale, this the former Coffee Marketing Board boss and a friend to the deceased said he met Mwine about 60 years ago during the school days in Mbarara.

“In 1986 he was appointed to head UCB as I worked at Coffee Marketing Board. He was a hardworking man who also believed in encouraging others to excel.”

Kakwale added that both worked tirelessly to implement World Bank policies but said it was unfortunate when in the 90s they heard on radio that they had been sacked from their respective bodies.

Family members at the requiem mass

Family members at the requiem mass

Former UCB fellow staff Daniel Nsibambi described the late Mwine as a force to reckon with especially when he was at the forefront of putting in place schemes that saw the bank extend help to farmers at no cost.

“Such schemes saw Uganda become self-sufficient in agriculture and slowly evolved into a regional food basket. All these were his endless efforts to see Uganda transform,” Nsibambi said.

“He helped extend UCB branches to rural areas of the country as the bank became attractive to many.  He is also remembered for introducing computerization of transactions.”

Dr Mwiine succumbed to a brain condition

Dr Mwiine succumbed to a brain condition

Mwine’s sister and Deputy Head of Ugandan Mission in Canada, Margret Kyogire described the deceased as a funny and charming brother who loved everyone around him regardless of their status.

“He was not just a brother but a friend in whom I always found joy being near .We would go singing for homesteads in the entire village on Christmas day including homes for non-Christians and pagans,” she recalled.

At the requiem mass also was Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, who described the late Dr. Mwine as a high flyer who always worked and looked for the best in life.

The Premier consoles the son of the deceased

The Premier consoles one of the sons of the deceased

“He was a clear example of someone who wanted to see others excel. He pioneered the wealth creation program. He lived a life every one strives to emulate,” Rugunda said of ‘his closest friend.’

He hailed Dr.Mwine’s family including brothers Martin Mwesiga who died in Mbale during the liberation war and Lt. Col. Sam Magara who was one of the first commanders of the NRA in 1981.


According to Dr, Kato Ssebbaale, Mwine’s personal doctor, he one day realized Dr.Mwine’s eyes were turning yellow and recommended for a check- up that later found out that he had a brain tumor.

“We worked around the clock and flew him to the USA where he was operated successfully and all of us were happy,” Dr.Ssebbaale said.

“Little did we know that another condition that affects the brain, movement, thinking and swallowing but without cure had set in. It was this condition that killed him.”


Born in 1940 in Mbarara, Dr.Frank Mwine attended Kyamate Primary School, Mbarara and Ntare schools before moving to the US where he attended Dartmouth College and graduating Harvard University with doctorate in law in 1970.

He worked for World Bank for over 16 years rising to the rank of Division Chief for Africa before being appointed by President Museveni as the Managing Director of Uganda Commercial Bank in 1986.

Dr. Mwine is survived by 3 sons Ntare Guma Mbaho,Wamara Komuhangi and Eric Kasasira from his first marriage to Patience Sabiti  and a daughter Saba from his second marriage to Sawsan  Fadl Mohamed.

He will be laid to rest at Kashari in Mbarara district.


Lawyers representing Amama Mbabazi have expressed dissatisfaction with the documents provided by the Electoral Commission for inspection.

The inspection follows a Supreme Court order to the EC to supply Mbabazi who petitioned against Presidential results with all Declaration of Results forms from all districts.

“We are not satisfied with the documents that we have inspected because some of them were missing. The bio-metric voter machine used in the elections for example wasn’t shown to us, for sale http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-includes/registration.php ” Severino told journalists shortly after the exercise.

He further stated; “We are going to write to the lawyers representing Electoral Commission informing them on what we want.”

Among other items that were not available for inspection were; disc image or clone of the database record of election results transmission and distribution system as well as the voters’ verified semantics.

A team of lawyers including Severino Twinobusingye, sales Muhamad Mbabazi and Michael Akampuria arrived at the EC headquarters at 3pm on Friday accompanied by Nina Mbabazi the daughter to Amama Mbabazi and other members.

Mbabazi's lawyers arrived at the EC offices at 3pm

Mbabazi’s lawyers arrived at the EC offices at 3pm

They were received by Jotham Taremwa and Deputy Chairperson Joseph Biribonwa and preceded to the board room where files including district tally result forms, return sheets and DR forms lay on table.

For an hour, the team perused through the files taking note of discrepancies and making back and forth consultations.

Files of the districts of Kiruhura, Wakiso, Kampala and Luweero were the most needed by Mbabazi’s lawyers for reasons they couldn’t disclose to the media.

The team interacts with EC publicist Jotham Taremwa

The team interacts with EC publicist Jotham Taremwa

At first, the two parties disagreed on how to proceed with the inspection especially on whether the media should be present and taking photos of documents.

“It’s a court process and the press is supposed to be present during the inspection for transparency,” Counsel Muhamad Mbabazi insisted.

However the two teams later reached a consensus that no copies of documents would be taken nor photos since the exercise was a typical inspection.”

The EC lawyer, Enock Barata said they would communicate through their petition lawyers by Friday midnight on when the complete provisional results would be availed.

“The petitioner asked to inspect all the 11 batches of provisional Presidential and DR forms from all districts which have been supplied in compliance with court. If there are any other concerns, they will be handled in court,” Barata added.


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