URA Tightens Law on Illegal Dealers

The Parliamentary Accounts committee (PAC) and Auditor General’s office are the latest organs to be cited in the ongoing UNRA commission of inquiry for being negligent in their oversight role as public resources went to waste.

This was according to Eng. Dr. Michael Odongo the Executive Director Uganda Road Fund (URF) while appearing as witness before the probe committee on Thursday.

He said that URF conducted an audit on UNRA stations for the year 2013/14 and discovered that there was a lot of irregularities, viagra 40mg moneys dispersed never reached and works for which it was intended were not done.

Furthermore, tadalafil 40 percent of transactions made at these stations were in cash which violates the treasury law.

“We wrote a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting that a forensic audit on these stations be expedited. Our hope was that these issues would be picked up by PAC and the Auditor General” he said

Eng. Odongo was disappointed that no steps were taken by these organs to further investigate the audit findings.

“The audit findings indicate that over Ugshs. 500M could not be accounted for in one of the UNRA upcountry stations. A red flag of this nature should have been taken seriously” he commented.

“URF doesn’t have coercive powers to investigate or make arrests. But we did our part by detecting these irregularities”

He however entirely blamed UNRA for delegating procurement role to upcountry stations yet failing to recruit competent staff to manage it.

Recent investigations by the commission discovered that procurement at the stations was handled by mere secretaries some of whom had S4 and S6 qualifications with no training in procurement.

Nevertheless, Eng. Odongo asserted that URF could not stop its funding to UNRA saying; “We knew that this would affect the end user who’s the road user. Besides, these funds constitute 65 percent of our budget and we couldn’t spend it otherwise.”

The Uganda Road Fund is an organ mandated to finance routine and periodic maintenance of public roads through designated agencies like UNRA, KCCA and local governments.

Uganda Revenue Authority has revealed that it will no longer ask smugglers to pay penalty fees, more about but will carry out legal prosecutions.

Addressing Journalists in Entebbe on Thursday, order the URA Commissioner General, help Doris Akol said until recently, those caught smuggling were asked to pay hefty fines but this is no longer effective.

The Commissioner General divulged that there were increased cases of smuggling involving large consignments into the country even though the Authority had increased surveillance to curb the vice.

She added that businessmen do not mind paying fines anymore.

“We are focusing on prosecuting smugglers because they find it easy to pay the fines and continue smuggling,” she said.

She warned that no one will be able to get away with smuggling as every culprit will be taken to court.

As a result of prosecuting and other enforcement interventions, the authority has yielded UgS 8.79 billion out of 1,654 seizure notices issued during the first quarter of the financial period 2015/16.

“The top risky items according to revenue recovered include motorcycles spare parts, suitcases, empty bottles, fabrics, hardware among others,” Akol said.

According to URA, the outright smuggling contributed 2 percent (1.54 billion) towards the total recovery collection.

The offence of undervaluation contributed highest at 39 percent to the total revenue recoveries followed by under declaration.


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