UPDF Refutes Published Salary Structure

Chief of Defence Forces, Katumba Wabala

The Ministry of Defence has refuted a story that was published in the November 27th, hospital 2014 Daily Monitor titled “Military wage bill grows as more Generals join top brass.”

“The published salary structure said to be of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) is a supposition that does not reflect the true salary structure of the Defence Forces, look ” the Army Spokesman, view Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda noted in a statement today.

He further stressed that the presumed structure published by the Daily Monitor reflects an under payment to the private soldier and over payment to all the other categories with some margins as wide as shs 200,000 to shs 560,000.

He pointed out that for instance, a Lt Col is paid Shs 1,004,000 and not shs 1,570,058 as published in the paper.

He also noted that a 2nd Lt earns Shs 543,690 and not Shs 810,520, adding that a private earns Shs 385,279 and not the lower figure of shs 380,000 that appeared in the paper.

Ankunda also stated that all the Generals published in the paper did not draw salaries from the UPDF wage bill because one deserted the Force, others were retired or Members of Parliament whereas some were ministers or working under other ministries.

He further stressed that similarly, other senior officers at the rank of Lt Gen to Brig who were mentioned are either retired or Hon Members of Parliament.

“We also wish to inform the public that the recent promotions were catered for in the FY 2014/15 budget and therefore have not led to growth in the overall wage bill as reported,” the statement asserted.

The statement also pointed out that just like it is in other institution, progression in career was healthy and in line with the professionalization program of the UPDF.


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