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UPC, NRM to Declare Coalition?

Thousands of NRM supporters have arrived at Zirobwe Town Council grounds in Luwero District – the cradle of NRM revolution, try http://concernedafricascholars.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugins-list-table.php ahead of President Museveni’s rally today Monday.

Carrying posters of President Museveni and singing praises of the NRM government, more about http://ckls.org/wp-admin/includes/template.php the fans tell ChimpReports they are eagerly waiting for President Museveni.

Some of the key NRM top shots in the area include NRM Vice Chairman, Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, Lydia Wanyoto, Minister John Chrysostom Muyingo and Nyombi Thembo.

Maj Kakooza Mutale of the dreaded Kalangala Action Plan militia has also arrived. Dressed in a yellow outfit, Mutale’s arrival at the playgrounds caused some excitement.

Maj Mutale arrives for today's rally

Maj Mutale arrives for today’s rally

The area residents bore the brunt of artillery shellings by Milton Obote’s government as they provided shelter and food to the NRA rebels.

Led by Yoweri Museveni, the guerrillas would eventually seize power after a 5-year military struggle.

Security remains tight with Special Forces Command and police deploying heavily at the venue.

In the Township, traders are making a killing in selling NRM-branded t-shirts, caps and Vuvuzelas.

President Museveni is expected to arrive at Zirobwe soon.

The people of Luwero waiting for President Museveni's address at Zirobwe

The people of Luwero waiting for President Museveni’s address at Zirobwe

Luwero has been an NRA/NRM stronghold since the 1980s

Luwero has been an NRA/NRM stronghold since the 1980s

The Presidential Campaigns commence today Monday and the Uganda People`s Congress [UPC] — which did not front a candidate — are yet to open up on who they will be rallying behind amongst those standing.

While speaking to ChimpReports recently, more about http://corifentreprises.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php UPC President Hon Jimmy Akena, more about http://cfmasv.com/wp-includes/class-smtp.php who is contentiously in charge of party`s headquarters at Uganda House said the UPC National Executive Committee was yet to sit and scrutinize the manifesto of different political parties.

The Lira Municipality Member of Parliament stated that a decision on which candidate to support would be exhausted based on their plans for the country for the coming 5 years.

“We are yet to sit and internalize the manifestos of different candidates in the race before arriving at a decision on whom to back, order ” Akena said.

However as campaigns kick off today, UPC has not yet come out with what they have decided on or failed to.

Sources close to the ruling National Resistance Movement Chairman and candidate, President Yoweri Museveni in the UPC`s strongest turf of Lango region have whispered to us that Akena, who enjoys good personal relationship with Museveni is ready to “play good”.

“Akena is good to us this time and we are expecting him to play good here as far as presidential campaigns are concerned,” the source who asked not to be named said.

From another source in the same area, President Museveni who is heading to Lango on Wednesday after Luwero and Kiboga is going to praise Akena in his rally in Lira Municipality.

“Mzee is coming to tell people in the municipality that his son (Akena) is a good man and deserves to continue representing us,” revealed the source.

When contacted on phone, Akena didn’t talk about attending or not attending President Museveni`s rally in Lira town on Wednesday.

He said however, that his party hasn’t decided on whom to support; “You are giving me news. I am not aware of anything yet as I told your colleague recently,” Hon. Akena said on phone.

“Those are still rumors for now. The president praising me in Lira would just signify political maturity not an alliance.”

President Museveni in 2013 attended Akena`s marriage with Oyam South MP, Betty Amongi in Minakulu sub county Oyam district and occasionally visits Obote`s family in Kololo, Kampala.

Akena distanced himself from the opposition alliance the TDA, when he led his team to remove the UPC flag from the alliance headquarters in Naguru.

After winning the first round of a court case determining the UPC leadership, Akena also asked TDA to remove all UPC symbols from their documents and flyers.

We also contacted the NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong who is leading the campaign team in Northern Uganda.

Todwong just like Akena said he is not aware of the development; “I am already in the area but I have been told about that one. First treat it as rumors,” Todwong said.

The first UPC alliance was in the 1962 Independence elections with the Kabaka Yekka that secured them a win, making Obote the executive Prime Minister while Kabaka Mutesa the ceremonial president.

In the presidential elections of 2011, UPC under Olara Otunnu joined the opposition`s Interparty Coalition (IPC) but later withdrew from the grouping.



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