UNTOLD STORY: When Joseph Kony Visited Injured Ongwen at LRA Sickbay

Dominic Ongwen
Dominic Ongwen


The trial of Dominic Ongwen has blown the lid off Joseph Kony’s character and close ties with his field commander, Dominic Ongwen.

During the testimony of the 27th Prosecution Witness P-0245, who is testifying with the protection measures of face and voice distortion, said Kony checked on Ongwen after the latter sustained an injury.

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The witness said Kony visited Ongwen at the Sick bay and told the patient that “he was really sorry about his injury”.

Kony also instructed people who protected Ongwen “to take care of him because he was one of his very good commanders”.

The witness said “Kony would refer to him as his in-law because Odomi’s sister was his wife. Ongwen was a very hard working person and very good fighter; Kony was very happy and pleased with him.”

After recourse to private session the witness answered questions regarding the attack in Palaro.

He said that during the attack in Palaro the soldiers were instructed by Dominic Ongwen to “loot shops and burn all the houses” and mentioned that many children at the age of 14 participated in the attack and several civilians – most of them boys – were abducted and taken to the bush.

In addition, the witness quoted what Kony instructed: “If you see people in their homesteads do not attack them because they are supporting the rebels”.

Later on, the attacks on Odek and Lukodi were described mostly in private session.

In a brief instance in open session the witness said that according to the orders “Lukodi had to be demolished and people should be killed”.

The continuation of examination took part mostly in private session.

The trial in the case of Dominic Ongwen continues this week.

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