UNEB Registers Over 1 Million Candidates for 2017 Exams

students writing exams

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has registered 1,072,740 candidates to sit this year’s national exams at both primary and secondary school levels.

The Executive Secretary of UNEB Dan Odongo, speaking to the press, said that registration of candidates ended on July 31 after repeated deadline extensions to ensure that all candidates are given the chance to register.

Uneb, he said, registered an increase in the number of students this year compared to last year.

PLE candidates increased from 640,833 to 645,428, for UCE the number rose to 325,695 from 323,276 and Senior Six candidates moved to 104,243 from 101,131.

“we ended the registration of candidates on Monday and the percentage increase in registration of candidates has dropped from 3% to 1%.The analysis of the registration figures per district indicates significant drops in the numbers of candidates in some districts,” Odongo said.

Odongo also indicated that the above number of registered students excludes some students who did not register because their head teachers disappeared with candidates’ money, citing cases in Fort Portal and Jinja while others, their head teachers uploaded the data without paying the fees.

“Some candidates were detected to have had multiple registrations, for instance registering in more than one centers and these were flagged and the first centers retained, and we also registered cases of dishonesty where some centers which registered students last year have not yet handed in the list of their students.”

Uneb, he added, is yet to compile the list of those schools which have not registered their students.

Odongo further stated that the examination body is slated to host the upcoming 35th conference of the association for education assessment in Africa, which will attract over 350 delegates.

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