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Under Fire, Burundi Agrees to Talk to Opposition

Fufa Big league is the second division in the country’s football ladder, troche site http://csnn.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php where best teams are promoted to the topflight and an equal number descend from top.

Much success has been credited to the division’s progressive trend over the five years but for this particular season something is definitely eschewed.

Poor Officiating
“We are really spending a lot of money but poor officiating is killing our morale. The problem is recurring and worsening every time we go away and no one is coming out to address the issue, medical http://ccresourcecenter.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-sockets.php ” Proline Fc coach Baker Mbowa lamented after the game against Jinja SS.

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In the match, http://datablend.be/wp-includes/registration.php the centre referee was forced to expel the former KCCA FC star from the Proline bench after the second official could no longer take his complaints. The match commissioner was also forced to ‘consult’ with the referee at half time.

Earlier on match day 6, Jinja SS technical bench complained about the match officials’ conduct that awarded Entebbe Fc a late goal under controversial conditions.

“We played for 101 minutes, yet the referee had signaled 4 minutes yet seven minutes had already been played after the normal time. A dubious penalty was given (to Busia) on the 90th minute and winner in the 109th minute. The goal came from a corner where our player was fouled! Our players said he checked the watch but took a lot of time to restart the game!” Moses Keuber, an official at Paidha Black Angels narrates.

Paidha has been on a receiving end despite being the team that travels the longest distance in both top leagues.
Stones turned around for Busia Fisheries in their visit to Bukedea yesterday (Thursday).

The hosts were reportedly applying ‘time wasting’ tactics after taking the lead. Efforts by the match official Mr. Mpangu Siraje to add more time turned sour as Busia PRO, John Kusolo narrates, “The home fans surrounded the ref later claiming he was adding time for Busia. The police were forced to fire live bullets to disperse them.”

Hooliganism in Lira
The federation’s competition committee needs to urgently sort out the decay at Lango Sports ground.

On Thursday, The match between Sporting and Kira Young was aborted in the 55th minute in the back of a contentious penalty awarded by Mr. Boniface Ogwal, the man who was running the match.

“We couldn’t take it anymore, surely the officitiation is pathetic. The fans also intimidated everyone. I think it’s best they (Fufa) award Lira teams all home games,” an official from Kira said after the game.

Kira Young trip has been sour following Tuesday loss to Lira United. The match was almost abandoned but Kira allowed it to continue amidst violent fans series of poor calls from CR Boniface Opiyo.

Newly promoted topflight side The Saints have bitter memories to recount about their trip to Lango.

“It was terrible; the referee did whatever he wanted. The fans intimidated us we couldn’t complain a lot neither were our media team allowed to take photos.”
The Government of Burundi has agreed to hold talks with opposition forces after the United Nations Security Council warned of sanctions against leaders perpetuating the violence in the country.

At its 7557th meeting held this Thursday, healing http://cssassociation.org/system/modules/frontend/pageforward.php the Security Council called on all parties in Burundi to engage in peace talks, see http://couponsavingfamily.com/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/classes/yarpp_cache_bypass.php warning of further action against those who incite more violence in the Central African country, cialis 40mg where a recent upsurge has threatened hard-won stability after decades of ethnic strife and could lead to “potentially devastating consequences” for the entire region if it persists.

In a statement issued on Friday evening, Government spokesperson Philippe Nzobonariba said, “The Government welcomes the relevant contents of the resolution which overall toes the line that the Government has always wanted to follow in its determination to resolve the crisis the country is currently faced with, including the promotion of dialogue that has always been part and parcel of its plans.”

President Museveni was appointed by the region to mediate talks between opposition and President Pierre Nkurunziza’s government.

The talks collapsed due to what officials described as lack of government commitment to resolving the dispute peacefully.

The political catastrophe erupted after President Pierre Nkurunziza decided to run for a controversial third term earlier this year.

The country is now facing a deep political crisis and rapidly escalating violence, with bodies being regularly dumped in the streets of the capital, Bujumbura, and 200,000 people displaced by the bloodshed.

Speaking to the UN Security Council, Adama Dieng, Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, expressed his alarm at the “inflammatory and threatening language” being used in Burundi, noting that some of it was “very similar to language used before and during the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda.”

On his part, Nzobonariba asked “partners who are still reluctant to resume cooperation without delay as this is the sure way leading to a sustainable response to the real problem facing the people of Burundi, which is nothing other than poverty.”

Call for action

Meanwhile, several human rights groups have called for a coordinated global response to the escalating human rights crisis in Burundi, before it is too late.

“With an increase in killings – many by the security forces –, inflammatory and threatening public statements by high level officials and provocative attacks on the security forces by armed opposition, the international community is being put to the test,” reads a joint statement signed by several NGOs.

They include Amnesty International, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Human Rights Watch and International Crisis Group.

“Burundi is on the brink. The UN Security Council has been put on notice that inaction could lead to an uncontrolled escalation. It is now incumbent on the Council to rise to this challenge with coordinated and timely action to avert further abuses,” added the statement.


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