The FUFA Big league returns to the fray once again with 7 fixtures across the country on Thursday, site hospital 27th November 2014.

3 of the games will be played in the Elgon group and another 4 in the Rwenzori group.

Elgon group leaders, ampoule Kireka United face stern away test against the unpredictable Kirinya Jinja S.S side in Jinja as Artland K plays Maroons at the Luzira Stadium.

After Thursday, the league will take a day off before it resumes on Saturday with another round of games to be played.

In the Rwenzori group, leaders Water F.C will pray and play for a home victory at their Mengo S.S Stadium to ensure a lead extension since their arch rivals, The Saints F.C will not be in action.

Thursday, 29th November 2014:

Elgon Group:

Thursday, 27th November 2014 (All Games Kick off 4:30 p.m):

Proline Vs Wandegeya – Lugogo

Maroons Vs Artland – Luzira Prisons Play ground

Kirinya Jinja S.S Vs Kireka United – Kirinya S.S grounds

Rwenzori Group:

Jinja Municipal Council Vs Soroti Garage – Kakindu Stadium

Paidah Black Angels Vs Hope Doves – Barokoro Zombo Stadium

Water F.C Vs Vs Ngora Freda Carr – Mengo S.S Grounds

CRO Vs Namasagali F.C – Mbale Municipal Stadium

Saturday, 29th November 2014:

Elgon Group:

VCC Vs Busia United – Masindi Stadium

Kirinya Jinja S.S Vs Proline – Kirinya S.S Play grounds

Synergy Vs Masaka L.C – Masaka Recreational Stadium

Rwenzori Group:

Kumi United Vs Baza Holdings – Boma grounds, Kumi

Monday, 1st December 2014

Rwenzori Group:

Soroti Garage Vs Baza Holdings – Soroti Play Grounds


Former opposition leader in Parliament, help Nandala Mafabi’s remarks thought to be tribalistic have ignited fire on social media platforms, viagra with many warning the politician of stoking ethnic tensions in Uganda.

Mafabi said Thursday that after the population census, “I have discovered Buganda has been taken for a ride by NRM government. This applies to other regions but for now I want to concentrate on Buganda.”

He gave 17 examples which he said show that Baganda are being taken for a ride “and they have kept quiet”.

Mafabi added: “In 1985 UPC government was overthrown by Gen. Tito. The minister then of security Mr. Rwakasisi was arrested. In 1986 Gen. Tito government was overthrown by NRA/NRM. The chairman of UPC Luwero then Hajji Musa Sebirumbi was arrested. All the two were charged for murder during rebel activities and had to hang. Mr. Rwakasisi was the in charge overall of security in Uganda and if there was security issues he was responsible. In short Haji Serilumbi was under Mr. Rwakasisi.”

The controversial FDC politician further said, “If Hajji killed it was on orders of Mr. Rwakasisi. After quick determination of Hajji’s case he was hanged immediately and Mr. Rwakasisi was not. After years NRM government knowing people have forgotten, President Museveni released Mr. Rwakasisi and made him Senior Presidential Adviser. With a fat salary and benefits. Why? Hajji Musa Sebirumbi was a Muganda and Mr. Rwakasisi is a Munyankole from Bushenyi. Nobody from Buganda has complained. Just support NRM.”

Mafabi belongs to the radical wing of the opposition.

While political observers say discussing tribes especially balance of power and equitable distribution of national resources is healthy for a democracy like Uganda, fanning tribal sentiments cultivates ground for ethnic violence.

The CBS radio was in 2009 accused of riding on a tribal card to mobilise and incite youth in Buganda to fight armed security forces on Kampala streets after Kabaka Mutebi was blocked from visiting Kayunga district.

The uprising left a trail of unprecedented bloodshed and destruction.

Mafabi’s comments could be aimed at reinforcing Michael Mabikke’s arguments of “tribal exclusion” at this week’s Free and Fair elections conference in Kampala.

Mabikke said the “continued dominance of national leadership positions by politicians from the western region was no longer acceptable,” urging the “constitutionalization of regional balance” when it comes to selection of the national leaders.

Mr Mabikke demanded at the conference that electoral reforms being discussed should also accommodate a provision for rotation of the county’s leadership.

He stated, “Since independence, the country has been dominated by our brothers from the north and western regions. The latter have done this for the last 28 years.”

“As we talk about electoral reforms, it’s important that we also look at affirmative action for the sidelined regions of central and eastern Uganda which feel left out in the country’s politics,” he added.

Mafabi said if hanging was the case, “Mr. Rwakasisi should have been the first to be hanged” and, “If to pardon all should have been pardoned and in worse scenario Haji should have been pardoned.”

He further alleged that, “During Chogm many ministers were involved in mismanagement of public resources. All those from Western Uganda were exonerated and former Vice President Bukenya from Buganda was taken to Luzira prison and the rest were free.”

The politician added that during the compensation of Haba companies of Shs150bn, “all Buganda ministers involved were censored and the main culprit Governor Bank of Uganda was left.”


Ugandans reacted angrily at Mafabi’s remarks:

Ayebale Gideon: Now my comrade Mafabi, you seem to be thinking in tribal lines, which I disagree with you. There are many tribes which have been marginalised, like Karamajongs, Banyoro, etc, but it’s not good to think in tribal lines.

Hillary Kahoza: I’m glad Hon. Nandala Mafabi Nathan – A Leader of Our Generation took time to post all this. It is a really long post. Taking time to read it, I am rather disappointed in a leader I almost trusted.

This kind of argument is rather disturbing and misleading. This kind of propaganda can cause a serious problem, and such a leader in such a big position should concentrate on bringing people together rather than separation and hatred. I wish to inquire on the plan you have as a leader to solve the problem.

Tumusiime Moses: So going by Mafabi’s analysis when the government is making its decisions it uses the Banyankore-Baganda yardstick? Historical facts cannot be disputed but a leader of Mafabi’s calibre should not seek to exploit and gain political capital from such absurd situations. Surely the NRM government has had so many failures that one does not need to resort to inciting one group against another. If the mob that Mafabi seeks to incite started to act on this piece of absurd history, it would not even spare his boss Col. Kiiza Besigye plus some of his own relatives. Let us try to be both reasonable and responsible.

Aomu John: Honourable is not thinking in tribal lines but bringing into reality who Museveni is. Another scenario is for the Global Fund. Hon Muhwezi was implicated with Hon. Mike Mukula but the rest were left free and Mukula was sent to Luzira.

Musiimenta Starin: Hon Mafabi, your party has a slogan of “one Uganda one people”. I really think you have gone tribal by doing this which doesn’t bring out the party’s core values. We should consider things that bring us together not disuniting us.

Kachau Dan: I am finding trouble linking this pedestrian analysis to the Census results. For How long will leaders continue complaining about the past?? “A true leader of this generation” Ought to be Solution Oriented.

David Prince: Almost all incidents of genocide in history have been ignited by opportunistic politicians like Mr. Mafabi no one can argue with the fact that NRM has committed many mistakes over the years but looking at it through a tribalistic scope is not the answer. I was very disappointed with the divisive politics espoused in this post by a man who clearly has his eyes set on being president. So I pose this question to you Honourable: If you were to be successful in your quest wouldn’t you be president of the Banyankole you seem so intent on exterminating?
The United Nations Security Council has condemned the massacres perpetrated against civilians on November 20 near the city of Beni in North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as well as the ongoing attacks targeting peacekeepers.

“These attacks have increased to the extent that 200 civilians have been killed since mid-October in the region, order ” said a statement released by the 15-member Council Tuesday evening.

Members of the Council expressed condolences to the families of the victims and also condemned attacks against peacekeepers of the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO).

They emphasized that any effort to undermine MONUSCO’s ability to implement its mandate “will not be tolerated and that those responsible for threats or attacks against peacekeepers must be held accountable.”

Members also urged that the DRC government along with MONUSCO to “permanently reduce threats against civilians, erectile immediately redouble efforts to provide proactive protection of civilians and neutralize armed groups still operating in eastern DRC.”

Those responsible for these attacks must be held to account, drug the council stressed.

In addition to the Allied Defence Forces (ADF), the Council reiterated their call for the neutralization of the Forces Démocratiques de Libération du Rwanda (FDLR) in line with relevant Security Council resolutions and its presidential statement of 5 November 2014.

Lastly, members reiterated their support for MONUSCO and called on all parties to cooperate with the mission and to remain committed to the full implementation of its mandate.


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