Ugandan Marketers Get New Governing Body

UMS president John Paul Okwi and Pamela Abonyo

The marketing sector in Uganda is set for better standards and more professionalism following the launch of the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS) that is aimed at advancing the marketing sector towards international standards.

The body which has been operational since April 2001 seeks to bring together all marketers in Uganda under one umbrella with the aim of creating connections for interaction problem sharing as well as working together to find a way on how the marketeering profession can be developed better.

Speaking at the launch of the body at the Kampala Serena Hotel today, JPaul Okwi, the president board of governors, UMS said that the body was necessary because marketing was increasingly becoming a driving force in all business all over the world.

“Every year the top three companies In Uganda invest over 300 billion shillings in marketing. That is because they understand that marketing can build to destroy a company hence the need to take marketers seriously,” he said.

He added; “For the past years, markets did not have an umbrella body through which they could share experience, interact, discuss challenges as well as find solutions to their problems. We therefore formed this society so that marketers can have a voice.”

He urged all marketing practitioners to join this organization because it will help them in enriching their careers as well as fighting for their rights in case they are inflicted on.

Pamela Abonyo, the chairperson of the board, said that a body that could set standards and ethics for marketers was long overdue considering the impact that they have on the business sector and the lives of people.

“We have constantly had complaints from customers about misconduct from marketers like cheating customers as well as distorting facts in order to sell their products. We however could not hold anyone accountable because there was no set of rules or code of conducts that these marketers could be judged on, that is why it important for this body to be in place,” Abonyo said.

She added that anyone who is practicing marketing is encouraged to join regardless of whether they are certified or not.

“We have different categories for individuals, cooperates and SMEs. Anyone can join this organization as long as they ready to aid by the regulations of this organization. Though this, we can hopefully say marketing in Uganda is going to become better,” She noted.

In order to make sure that the body follows international standards, UMS has been affiliated to the chartered institute of marketing, an international body that governs marketers in the whole world.

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