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Uganda Warned After Brussels Bombing

Ugandans have been urged to be on lookout for any criminal acts including terrorism during the Easter season.

Police chief Gen Kale Kayihura said bad elements may wish to use this festive season to strike and cause chaos but warned the public to remain vigilant.

“Uganda is still peaceful because of our vigilance but there are so many threats like terrorism. You saw what happened in Brussels when terrorists attacked and killed people, patient ” he said.

“No place is not vulnerable. Technology also can’t combat terrorism but rather supplements vigilance.”

Gen Kayihura said they have learnt lessons from the Brussels airport attack that technology can’t replace vigilance but work hand in hand.

At least 39 people died and many more were injured in this week’s Brussels airport and railway station bombings.

The police chief said people should be on the lookout and report bad elements to concerned authorities immediately.

He warned road users to follow traffic guidelines to avoid accidents.

“People take these guidelines as a punishment but they are put in place to help them while on the road,” he said.


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