Uganda, Rwanda Plan 3rd Business Summit

Amb Richard Kabonero (L), Minister Amelia Kyambadde, Businessman Lalani (C), and President Kagame at the second Business Summit in Kigali last year

This Friday, troche 26th September at Olango Conference Centre, approved Gulu Municipality, PPDA, the public procurement regulator, will hold the first ever Procurement Baraza to discuss service delivery in Gulu District.

The Procurement Baraza is an open discussion forum that will bring together different stakeholders in the district to discuss public procurement and disposal, and implementation of Government programmes.

Among the expected participants are the area Members of Parliament, local district politicians, public service officials, providers, CSOs, media, the general public and PPDA staff.

One of the activities will involve looking at the district procurement work plan and understanding how and when the planned Government activities were implemented.

When the Amended PPDA Act and Regulations came in force on 3rd March this year, it became mandatory for all Entities to display their procurement plans in a public space. The purpose is to promote transparency, accountability and monitoring of service delivery within Government institutions.

“Through the Procurement Barazas, we hope the stakeholders will get the relevant knowledge and be empowered to monitor Government projects,” says Milton Tumutegyereize, the Director for Training & Capacity Building at PPDA.

“Sometimes, people don’t even know what is on the work plan of the district and so will not know when there is no service delivery.”

The Procurement Barazas will give the different stakeholders the chance to know that they have a right to information and that procurement plans are public documents. This way, if a Government Entity does not deliver on what it planned to do, it will have to provide an explanation as to why they failed and the a way forward.

This is the second stakeholder engagement of this kind that PPDA is holding following a successful launch in Tororo recently.
In a move aimed at consolidating the flourishing bilateral relations between Uganda and Rwanda and boosting regional trade, help the two countries will soon host the third Business Forum in Kampala, Chimp Corps report.

According to Uganda’s Ambassador to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero, the theme of the Summit is “accelerating regional trade and investment.”

Kabonero said the function will be held at Kampala Serena Hotel on October 7.

Credited for boosting ties with Rwanda and promoting Uganda’s tourism, Kabonero said the “forum will bring together the two states’ business community, government officials, and representatives of professional bodies” to brainstorm on facilitating trade and investments in the region to spur economic growth.

The first forum of its kind was held in 2012 in Kampala.

It was organized by Rwanda High Commission in partnership with Rwanda Development Board.

The second Summit, which was held in Kigali and attended by President Paul Kagame, was organized by Uganda High Commission in partnership with Rwanda Development Board and Private Sector Federation.

Officials say the Kampala business forum will attract approximately 300 participants from all the sectors of the two economies.

The development comes against the backdrop of booming relations between the two countries.

Observers say it is through such initiatives that the two countries have managed to strengthen their cooperation in improving trade relations, investments in transport infrastructural development and regional security.

Kabonero said such conferences are an opportunity for the two countries to market the viable investment projects to the potential investors.

He also cited the need to enlighten private sector on the major positive investment policy changes in terms of business and investment climate and the reforms which have taken place in EAC Member States, particularly Rwanda and Uganda.

“This is because whatever we have been planning during the Northern Corridor Tripartite Summits such as investments in energy, infrastructure and Single Tourist visa will benefit the private sector. Therefore, their input will surely enrich our plans to enhance economic growth,” said Kabonero in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Thursday.


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