Uganda Military Intelligence Holding Ex Rwandan Soldier, Reni, says Wife  

Reni's whereabouts are currently unknown

The Ugandan police have interrogated the wife of the missing retired Rwandan soldier, Reni Rutagungira, Chimp Corps report.

Reni’s wife, Jacinta Dusangeyezu, was quizzed by detectives at Old Kampala police station this past Friday.

Police are searching for Reni who was dragged from Bahamas Bar & Accommodation nightspot on August 8 by suspected security agents.

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Contacted, Dusangeyezu confirmed the development.

“Yes, it is true I was called to the police again to make another statement,” she observed.

“The police wanted to know more about the people who had been with Rene that night. I told them that the three men who were with him are his old friends. (Karekezi, Padiri and Idrissa).”

Dusangeyezu further told ChimpReports that at the police station, “I also gave them additional information I had gathered from different callers who called me to tell me that the person in the video was Capt Agaba of CMI.”

She says the so-called Capt Agaba commanded the removal of Reni from the bar before being whisked away in a waiting car.

Reni’s family members say they were informed that Reni was first held at a detention facility in Mbuya, Kampala, where he was interrogated by military investigators.

For some time, Rene was suspected by Uganda security services of hunting down suspected renegade Rwandan soldiers fleeing their country.

He is also believed to have masterminded several shootings of Rwandan dissidents in Kampala, a charge we could not immediately substantiate.

Some reports indicated that Reni escaped from Rwanda in fear of persecution by the country’s security services.

However, Rwanda’s Ambassador to Uganda, Rtd Maj Gen Frank Mugambage said he was not aware of Reni having a criminal record in Rwanda.

He said Reni was a known businessman who would regularly cross the Uganda-Rwanda border without any disruption.

Uganda army spokesperson, Brigadier Richard Karemire is yet to respond to our messages for comment on the unfolding development.

The deputy army spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki last week said he was not aware of the whereabouts of Rene.

“I saw it on social media,” said Akiiki.

Asked whether the UPDF was involved in the operation, Akiiki responded: “We don’t kidnap people. I have not had any information that we were involved. So far, I am as uninformed as you are.”

Reni served in the Rwandan military for many years before retiring to do business.

In the army, he is said to have worked closely with the current Defence Minister, Gen James Kabarebe.

Reni is said to have arrived in Uganda in 2014, according to diplomatic officials.

He has two children with Dusangeyezu.

Dusangeyezu said “police promised that they are going to get in touch with CMI on this case.”


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