Uganda Crushes Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe team and Uganda getting ready to make a formation for a scrum

Uganda Rugby Cranes yesterday evening beat Zimbabwe by a whopping 38-12 during the Africa Gold cup competition at Legends Rugby Grounds.

This was the last game of the Rugby Africa Gold cup and Uganda gave it’s best; Lawrence Sebuliba scored hat-trick, Phillip Wokorach scored 1 try, just as Aaron Ofoywroth and Byron Oketayot.

“It has been a good game, a game of pressure but we managed to compose ourselves and do the best of our ability,” said Lawrence Sebuliba the man of the match.

The team manager, Emma Baine, said that they won because they had a game plan and they played according to it.

The last game Uganda had was with Namibia and they were beaten 48-24. Now the next competitions will be the 7s circuit and later the Uganda Cup.


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