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Uganda Awaits Desh Kananura Murder Trial

Desh Kananura is accused of murdering his bar attendant, Badru Kateregga (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe)

The Ugandan judiciary is on trial as it prepares for the hearing of a case in which wealthy Kampala businessman Desh Kananura is accused of brutally murdering his employee Badru Kateregga in cold blood on September 31, page 2012, Chimp Corps report.

The trial will also put to test law enforcement bodies’ neutrality and professionalism – especially police in cooperating with prosecution in tendering all the necessary evidence before court to enable it dispense justice without fear or favour.

This website will give an extensive live coverage of the court hearing which kicks off November 6 at Nakawa High Court in Kampala.

Desh, as he is fondly known by his peers, fled Uganda through Kenya to United Kingdom in 2012 following the killing of Kateregga, the poor bar attendant at his nightspot – Panamera Bar and Restaurant.

It is alleged the deceased was clobbered with a huge club on his head before bleeding to death.

Kateregga was accused of keeping shs30, 000 which he had received as a tip from a customer.

Moments before his death, Kateregga groaned in excruciating pain on the blood-soaked floor of the popular urban bar.

Prosecution contends that Desh together with four others including his brother Raymond Kananura, used blunt objects to take away Kateregga’s precious life.

Others are Cyrus Maganda, Samuel Muzulewa and Jacob Onyango.

After spending almost 5 months in exile, Kananura returned to Kampala on January 19 before being arrested by police.

He was remanded at Luzira Prison until February 2013 when he was released on bail.

Desh is being represented by lawyer Geoffrey Kandeebe Ntambirweki.

Justice Masalu Musene who is presiding over the case has since urged state prosecutor Samali Wakholi to provide evidence to Kandeebe to prepare a defence for his client.

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