Tropical Bank Manager Killed in City Accident

Lawyers representing President Museveni have asked the Supreme Court to disregard allegations by Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers that the Electoral Commission declared different results from those from the February 18 elections.

The lawyers led by Kiryowa Kiwanuka told court on Wednesday that the petitioner in his affidavit claimed that the Electoral Commission declared results different from the actual outcome of the February 18 polls but failed to bring evidence to prove that the declared results were not correct.

“It is not enough to come to court and say transmission of results was not okay because you simply didn’t look at the computers. The solution to the problem of this nature was having agents at polling stations. The results declared by the second respondent were therefore valid, visit this authentic and genuine.”

On the credibility of the Biometric Voter system, Museveni’s lawyers reminded court that the petitioners had as part of their evidence presented an affidavit sworn by one of the Go Forward agents in Kasana Luwero who testified that he was taught how to use the machines, look  adding that in his evidence he has insisted it took 2 minutes for each person to complete voting.

The lawyers however faulted the evidence saying that the person who swore the affidavit never mentioned the knowledge he had about operating the machine.

On claims that over a million voters in ‘Mbabazi’s strongholds of Kampala and Wakiso’ had been denied a right to vote by the delay in delivering of materials ,Museveni’s lawyers said there was no evidence that the petitioner had a stronghold in the said districts.

The lawyers cited  the 2011 election results that indicated that Museveni got 46.08%  and Besigye  46.86% in Kampala  and  49.26%(Museveni),42.08(Besigye) in Wakiso adding that there is no evidence showing any of those districts as being a Mbabazi stronghold.

“For you to say someone has a stronghold, one has to assess how they tallied in the previous elections.”

The lawyers faulted their counterparts from Mbabazi side for saying that the NRM candidate ordered the disruption of a campaign rally in Fort Portal for their client and asked for proof if any.

“By the time the chopper came according to the video, the rally had not started, it was raining and people were few at the venue.”

The lawyers also downplayed evidence provided citing that there was intimidation by the army, police and crime preventers adding that no one had reported to have been arrested by the said security. On the contrary they said, the sight of the army by the voters was welcomed due to the confidence they have in UPDF.

On the blocking of social media including Facebook, twitter and whatsapp on polling day, the lawyers said it was done temporarily  for security reasons by the Uganda Communications Commission after getting orders from the police boss Gen. Kale Kayihura of an impending security threat in case the said media was not switched off.

“People continued getting election results via radios, televisions, SMS and phones and so there is no evidence that some people were denied their right to know poll results,” Matsiko argued.

Hearing of the petition resumes tomorrow.
Last evening a speeding car crushed dead Andew Batte, viagra sale the Corporate Credit Manager Tropical Bank Kampala Chimpreports has confirmed.

Batte was according to eyewitnesses knocked dead on Dastur street near Radio One by a female driver who is said to have been running away from attackers.

The driver was reported to be screaming on top of her voice as she fought off some men who wanted to grab her hand bag from the car.

“The woman screamed very loud but instead of stopping the car from motion, stuff she suddenly stepped at the car accelerator and eventually Andrew Batte got knocked and died on spot,” said a witness.

Tropical Bank confirmed the death in a short statement this morning, “Death has robbed us again our corporate credit manager at tropical bank Mr. Andrew Batte has been knocked down by a speeding car and died on spot may his soul rest in eternal peace.”




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