Tourism Day: Mbale Set For Hot Balloon Flights

Hot Balloons will be flying over Mbale town stating Tomorrow Thursday

Police have Wednesday morning arrested two members of the National Association of the Unemployed (NAU) in Kasubi, illness a Kampala suburb, Chimp Corps report.

The activists, who claim to be creating awareness about the high levels of unemployment in Uganda, intended to open their headquarters in Kampala when police swung into action.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango recently warned the youth against protests, saying they should cooperate with police to provide security for their political assemblies.

NAU coordinator and FDC youth winger, Doreen Nyanjura, was among the youth who were arrested today.

Others are Dickens Aineomugisha and Robin Wabulenbo.

Nyanjura claims they intend to register all the unemployed people around the country so as to have one voice and lobby government to create an enabling environment for them to get employed.

She maintains government has only used youth to advance their political ambitions and fighting political wars which has left many incapacitated without employment opportunities.

Nyanjura added that their campaign has recorded success after registering more than 700 unemployed persons and called upon companies to avail jobs for their members.

“We shall not give in to this threat at whatever cost nor are we ready to give up or being bribed in our fight for constitutional rights to be employed. We shall however pursue a peaceful path in our quest for employment opportunities for all,” added the opposition FDC activist.

However, Kampala RCC Aisha Kabanda recently issued a statement saying so far 17 young men had been arrested in connection with unemployment protests.

“These are young boys being used by the self seeking politician to lure others into trouble. We want to use this opportunity to warn the public against this group,” said Aisha Kabanda.

She further said the youth group has ties with a rebel group that poses a threat to national security, a charge Nyanjura dismissed as a “scapegoat to justify their plans of arresting the youth to charge them with treason.”

“We have intelligence information that the group wants to burn up the city and they are recruiting people to use. We are also aware that this group is linked to a rebel group and they are using that drive to recruit some of the unsuspecting youth into rebellion,” said Kabanda.

Time bomb

The youth population in sub-Saharan Africa is increasing rapidly. Nearly one in three people living in the region, or about 297 million, is between the ages of 10 and 24.

By 2050, that age group is projected to nearly double to about 561 million, according to PRB’s The World’s Youth 2013 Data Sheet.

One of the reasons young people are having trouble finding employment is a limited number of jobs. Between 2000 and 2008, only about a third of the 74 million jobs created in Africa were for people ages 15 to 24.

This challenge causes young people to settle for less-than-ideal employment, such as jobs that are low-paying, temporary, or unsafe, or ones for which they are overqualified. Some enter the informal economy to make ends meet. Others stop looking for jobs altogether. These groups are difficult to measure and are not included in typical unemployment figures.

But the number of available jobs for young people is only part of the problem. While improving, educational systems are still failing to provide a large proportion of youth with the skills they need to secure a living.

Without the ability to attain basic skills or the specific ones that match the demands of the labor market, many youth are unable to find employment.
Forget the $455-$665 return air ticket fees you are accustomed to on various carriers trolling the Entebbe-Dubai route daily. Dubai-based Flydubai will take take you on a return flight to dubai at a paltry $399. Flydubai announced the addition of three east african destinations Entebbe inclusive at the beginning of September.

Commenting on the launch of these new routes, symptoms Ghaith Al Ghaith, prescription Chief Executive Officer of Flydubai, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of three new East African destinations which also sees Flydubai become the first national carrier from the UAE to fly to Rwanda and Burundi, underlining our commitment to opening up underserved markets.”

Flydubai will operate seven flights a week between Entebbe and Dubai starting from 28 September 2014.

Air Travel has tremendously improved in the past three years with Entebbe airport attracting and maintaining daily flights by big carriers like Fly Emirates, Ethiopian and Qatar airways. this announcement from flydubai comes as a blessing since its a cheaper option compared to the other carriers. To the uganda business community and leisure travelers, the future looks bright.
Uganda will be joining the rest of the world to celebrate this year’s World Tourism Day on 27th September, information pills whose purpose is to foster awareness among communities on the importance of tourism, its social, cultural, political and economic impact.

The event is being coordinated by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB); government’s tourism marketing and promotions agency.

In Uganda, World Tourism Day celebrations are rotated on an annual basis across the regions of the country to encourage equitable participation and visibility.

This year’s celebrations according to UTB will be held in the Eastern District of Mbale at Mbale Stadium, under the theme; ‘Tourism and Community Development’.

Throughout this week, there will be several events in Mbale town and the stadium including exhibitions depicting the region’s culture, natural and historical attractions, heritage, dance, drama, music, leading to the climax on Saturday. The Uganda Wild Life Education Center (UWEC) will also be showcasing, from some of its animals like lions, leopards, ostriches, peacocks, monkeys, bushbucks, pythons and crocodiles.

A hot air balloon manned by Balloon Tours Limited, a local company, will start flights over Mbale area on Thursday to Sunday this week. UTB has taken domestic tourism to a higher level by promoting regional clusters and has engaged various stake holders to propagate this initiative.

Uganda Tourism Board is currently promoting regional clusters as part of its domestic tourism strategy. In this region we have the most beautiful scenery, exciting caves, Wanale Hill, agro tourism (rice, coffee, and bee keeping), Sipi falls and bull fighting among others.

Tourism in Uganda has been growing at a fast pace. The country is peaceful, disease free and investment opportunities are available in the sector.


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