Toddler Left with Maid, Drowns in Pond

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has threated to hold a massive demonstration against the disappearance of Sam Mugumya the former aide of the former FDC party president, drugs Dr. Kizza Besigye.

DP presidential spokesperson, Fred Mwesigwa noted that the opposition is to resort to other means if the two governments of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refuse to clarify on the disappearance of the FDC member.

“In a scenario that the Congo government has denied arresting Mugumya and yet the UPDF spokesperson, Col Paddy Ankunda praised the army for having arrested Mugumya and detained him in Congo, we all get confused of who is saying the truth,” Mwesigwa said.

Mwesigwa noted that if Mugumya has got cases to answer, let him be produced in Courts of law and accord him affair hearing.

“We are worried that Mugumya might be going through a lot of torch where he is currently detained; this should be revealed so as to give comfort to his family members and friends,” Mwesigwa lamented.

Recently, FDC penned a petition to the DRC embassy in Kampala seeking the release of information about their detained Member.

“We have written a letter which is being forwarded by the Secretary General to the Embassy, and copied to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Embassy in Kishansa,” FDC president, Gen Mugisha Muntu he noted.

“We want to know the whereabouts of Sam Mugumya. We need first of all to have him accessible, by lawyers, the Red Cross, and ourselves. At this point we can’t tell whether he is in Beni, or Kinshasa or Kampala.”

According to UPDF officials, Mugumya is being held in Congo, for reportedly participating in rebel mobilization activities.
Police yesterday, side effects November 10th retrieved the body of Hassan Ochen, what is ed 3, dosage who drowned in a pond on Sunday morning at Ambakooti Village in Jinja District.

The Child had reportedly gone to church with their maid but on returning home, he reportedly went missing from her.

The maid told Police that when they returned from church, she went to fetch water but that on returning, she later realized that the kid had disappeared.

When the parents returned, she told them that since morning, Hassan had gone missing.

This prompted the parents to mount a search for the boy until his body was found drowned in the pond.

“This is total negligence, cover up pits or else closely monitor the children, at times children want to find out what is in the pit so they end up falling in them,” said Jinja District Police Commander Apollo Kateeba.


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