Teachers Urged to Spare Time for Sexual Education

Students in a focus group discussion at Kisubi High
School on Tuesday

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has said he has evidence pinning the Uganda Police Force having knowledge about the raid on the chambers of his  lawyer Muhammad Mbabazi, site Chimp Corps report.

Unknown assailants on Wednesday morning broke into the chambers of Muhammed and Fred Muwema before walking away with computers and other vital information days after filing an amended petition challenging the results of the just concluded presidential elections.

Addressing journalists at the Go Forward offices in Nakasero this afternoon, about it Mbabazi said witnesses have come out to pin police adding that these saw them vandalize the lawyer’s chambers.

“They were 30 in number and were dressed in police uniform, buy ”Mbabazi told journalists.

“They came from the nearby (Wandegeya) police station and raided our lawyer’s chambers. We have not yet got evidence about the raid on Muwema’s chambers but it cannot be a coincidence that the two raids took place at the same time.”

The 2016 presidential candidate who came third behind President Yoweri Museveni and FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye said documents, computers, hard disks  and affidavits  related to their amended petition in the Supreme Court  had been taken by the assailants  which he said will definitely affect their case.

Mbabazi addressing the media

Mbabazi addressing the media

“We had today (9:00am) as our deadline to submit all the necessary evidence to the court and the raid happened a few hours to it. This will definitely impact on our case but will wait for our lawyers to access the graveness of the raid.”

“I am dismayed by what happened to the lawyers’ chambers because such a thing has never happened in this country not even during Idi Amin’s time,” Mbabazi retorted.

Police are yet to speak out on the incident.

But government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said, “The alleged break-in at Mbabazi lawyer Fred Muwema could be an insider job for propaganda value.”

The former Prime Minister said he was not happy by the events that happened at Muwema’s chambers when he was denied entrance to the premises and the lawyers also not allowed to speak to him.

He said similar acts intended to derail him and his team have for the past weeks continued, highlighting the arrests of his supporters and key witnesses in his Supreme Court case which he blamed on state agencies most especially the police force.

“If the country continues like this, we might turn into a police state because of the involvement of the police force in almost everything that happens,” Mbabazi warned.
Student leaders and teachers from atleast 10 secondary schools in the central region have been sensitized on making informed decisions in sexual reproductive health and rights.

The one day sensitization that was held at Kisubi High School organized by Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU) raised awareness on HIV, click gender equality among others.

Teachers were reminded of their significant role in passing on sexual related issues since students spend the most time at school.

Dr. Naboth Coole, online a professional cousellor and lecturer at Makerere University cautioned teachers to spare time off their lesson plans to educate learners on non-academic topics.

“Research indicates that students pay more attention during non-academic issues compared to the curriculum. These children need this information irrespective of the status of their family.”

Popular comedian Kenneth Kimuli alias Pablo challenged teachers to avail all information on sexual issues with all facts to enable them make informed decissions.

“Young people will always listen to teachers as long as they show them that they care. However you must ensure that you approach your message positively so as to win their trust,” he said.

He urged them to tackle issues on menstruation cycles, anger among HIV positive students and those with special needs.

ChimpReports spoke to Ms. Deborah, the senior woman teacher at Kisubi High School to understand the dynamics and platforms available for imparting sexual education.

She disclosed that she holds meetings with female students to discuss their pressing issues in addition to gathering their queries raised through suggestion boxes.

“The most common challenge is puberty escpecially among the new Senior one students who don’t know how to go about menstruation. Students who are HIV positive also feel stigmatized and find huddles opening up to us,” she told us.

Many schools continue to allocate limited time to address extra academic education and counselling which leaves students prone to early pregnancies, HIV and STDs, smoking among others.


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