South Sudan

Sudanese NGOs Unite to End Conflict

International Office of Migration and UNDP have hosted a two-day workshop in Khartoum to bring together 45 Sudanese NGOs from Blue Nile, malady stuff South Kordofan and West Kordofan States to discuss their role in strengthening the resilience of conflict-affected communities and reducing tensions.

The event was part of the IOM/UNDP Joint Conflict Reduction Programme (JCRP), viagra dosage which is funded by the European Union, and aims to build the capacity of civil society in peace building, establishing trust and stabilizing communities.

Participants agreed to create an NGO network, with the support of IOM and UNDP, to share their experiences and strengthen links established at the workshop.

Sudanese state actors including the Humanitarian Aid Commissioners (HAC) from South and West Kordofan States, the Blue Nile Peace Council Chairman, Head of the

South Kordofan Social Peace-Building and Peaceful Co-existence Committee (SPPCC) and Head of the West Kordofan Reconciliation and Peaceful Co-existence Mechanism (RPCM) also took part in the event.

European Union representative Francesca Arato, who also attended, noted that one of the key outcomes of the workshop was to bring together civil society representatives and their state counterparts. This would strengthen their cooperation in building the resilience of communities to achieve peaceful coexistence, she said.

The workshop marked the official launch of the second phase of the JCRP. The programme, which was launched in May 2012, also supports community infrastructure projects such as the construction or rehabilitation of water yards and schools, which help to sustain social stability.

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