Student Associations Shine at MUBS Bazaar

Cooper Ben Osengor from Drama club talking to a lady into joining their club

The Makerere University Business School (MUBS) bazaar kicked off last week on August 14 at the main campus in Nakawa.

Aimed at enabling ‘fresh’ students acclimatize with university life, the event also allows students to shop, which implies business opportunities for senior students and entrepreneurs in town.

Joseph Ssentamu, third year, sells samosas and black tea at the event

Joseph Ssentamu, third year, sells samosas and black tea at the event

Moving around the campus environment, a lot of exhibitors can be seen, and notable among them are student association desks with leaders targeting new recruits from the year one students.

Student Clubs are started to serve different purposes, ranging from enriching students in Christian teachings, leadership among other pieces of knowledge in different aspects of life.

Speaking to Faith Flavia Atungonza, who prefers to be called Church Girl, she says their club is mainly about preaching the gospel and they use the Bazaar as an opportunity to enlist new members.

Faith Atugonza pursuing a new member

Faith Atugonza pursuing a new member

The club is called Anglican Christian Body.

Explaining their cause, Atugonza says: “… there is need for the children of God to come together as one. When united under prayer, the devil completely has no path. We try as much as possible to strengthen the army of God by encouraging more members to join us, especially the freshers, and this is the only crucial moment we find.”

Not wanting to be outcompeted, other clubs also try to lay their hands in every pie to make sure they don’t lose out.

Transport and Logistics is one of the most hard working clubs and, according to leaders, they register as many as 30 students every day.

Members of Transports and Logistics

Members of Transports and Logistics

Suzan Nampiima, one of the members takes us through the process of enrolling for membership.

“Our association is the simplest one to join because one only has to register his or her names and pay a little fee of Shs10,000 only, upon which one is given a membership card and that is all.”

For Byron chwinyaai, joining clubs and more so sparing time for Bazaar are not among his thoughts.

“I have nothing to do with the bazaar because I don’t have money to squander on things that really don’t matter,” he says.

Bryon Chwinyaai

Bryon Chwinyaai

He, however, adds: “But I’m very thankful to the University for organizing this huge bazaar for I had never seen such a thing before. I made a right choice to join MUBS so as to uplift the status of my wretched poor family background and I trust MUBS. That is why I have to focus on studies at an expense of anything else.”

 ChimpReports understands the Bazaar will be closing this week on Saturday.

Cooper Ben Osengor from Drama persuading a follwer

Cooper Ben Osengor from Drama persuading a lady to join his club

Students heaiding towards Bazaar

Students heading towards Bazaar

A view of the way to Bazaar

A view of the way to Bazaar




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