Strict Attendance Guidelines for NRM Delegates

The NRM has warned members of the public who are not party delegates that they will not be allowed to access Mandela National Stadium on December 15, abortion http://crownheights.info/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php Chimp Corps report.

The warning by Acting Secretary General Dorothy Hyuha comes against the backdrop of reports that hundreds of presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi’s supporters will storm the venue.

Chimpreports understands Mbabazi’s fans especially among the NRM Poor Youth Group have already planned to present themselves as legitimate delegates when the much-anticipated Delegates’ Conference opens.

Hyuha noted as at a recent press conference: “I would also like to emphasize that the National Conference is specifically convened for NRM Party Delegates as spelt out in the NRM Party Constitution.”

The delegates include:

  1. a) The National Chairperson
  2. b) The 1st National Vice Chairperson
  3. c) The 2nd National Vice Chairperson (female)
  4. d) Six (6) Vice Chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda – East, information pills http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php Central, North, West, Kampala and Karamoja
  5. e) Members of the National Executive Council
  6. f) The Secretary General
  7. g) The National Treasurer
  8. h) The Deputy Secretary General
  9. i) The Deputy National Treasurer
  10. j) Members of the NRM Municipal Executive Committees
  11. k) Members of the NRM Municipal Councils
  12. l) Promoters of the NRM Organisation
  13. m) Executive Committees of the NRM Branches in the Diaspora
  14. n) NRM National Secretaries
  15. o) NRM Members of Parliament
  16. p) NRM members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA)
  17. q) Members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum
  18. r) Members of the National Executive Committees of all Special Organs other than (p) above
  19. s) NRM Chairpersons of Districts
  20. t) NRM Parliamentary flag bearers
  21. u) NRM flag bearers for district chairpersons
  22. v) Municipality mayors
  23. w) Members of NRM District Executive Committees
  24. x) Members of the District Executive Committees of all Special Organs
  25. y) NRM Members on District Councils
  26. z) Chairpersons of Sub-County Conferences

Hyuha further said the Chairperson of party who is President Museveni “may invite not more than 20 individuals who have made a special contribution to the struggle or who have special skills or experience to attend the Conference as observers.”’

This website understands that several NRM compatriots in neighbouring countries and Diaspora will attend the function.

Hyuha said the NRM Party is well aware that we enjoy overwhelming support from party members and well-wishers who may wish to attend the Conference.

“Attendance, however, will be restricted to only delegates and the above categories.”

She revealed that a number of people have expressed interest in working with the Organising Committee to deliver a successful conference, and that financial support was welcome.

“Committee Members, who have been listed, are approaching various persons and organisations to provide services to the Party for this event,” she added.

The Acting Secretary General said the Party Organs have also received several proposals for Constitutional amendment, which she has re-directed to the Legal/Constitutional Affairs Committee.

“The Legal/Constitutional Affairs Committee is required to compile all these proposals and present them to the Central Executive Committee, which will in turn forward them to the National Executive Committee for additional consideration,” said Hyuha.

It is understood the proposals include amending the Constitution to provide for an appointed instead of elective Secretary General.

Critics have warned such a move would disenfranchise NRM delegates and weaken the position of the party’s Secretary General.

In appointing the SG, the amendment would as well concentrate more unchecked powers into the hands of the party chairman.

Mbabazi who is on forced leave until the end of December is likely to be replaced. He has since denied reports he wants to stand for presidency in 2016, a statement dismissed by Museveni’s strategists.

Hyuha assured “all members of the NRM and the general public that the preparations for the National Conference are in high gear and we shall enjoy a very well organised National Conference, to build Uganda to greater heights through social transformation and commitment to our national aspirations as guided by the NRM ideology.”

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