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Stop Plucking Number Plates off – Orders Traffic Boss

In bide to improve the image of traffic police and fighting the increased corruption within the institution, website like this traffic police director, sildenafil Dr Stephen Kasiima has ordered all traffic officers that remove number plates from vehicles to stop it with immediate effect.

The angry officer noted that this act is illegal and has continued to spoil people’s vehicles while others have ended up incurring unnecessary expenses so as to recover their car numbers plates.

“This has been going on illegally however it was passed as an administration directive but officers have gone on to violet it hence increasing corruption and extortion, viagra approved ” Kasiima told Truck and Lorry drivers at UMA Conference Hall yesterday November, 7 in an open dialogue.

Kasiima said by law it’s only the Inspector of Vehicles (I.O.V) that is allowed to remove car number plates but still under relevant circumstances.

Kasima on the same note ordered traffic officers to stop removing driving permits from drivers adding that this has caused many drivers to lose their driving permits after failing to track the police officer responsible.

“If anyone has committed any road offense, you should write him a fine latter and let him go, we have got active tracking system that will track him down.”

He further ordered traffic officers to stop stopping trucks and Lorries on general inquiries such as for their driving permits but should rather be stopped on serious cases.


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