State House Officials Order 4,000 off Market Land

The NRM internal power struggles are not about to end with former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s supporters under the NRM Poor Youth Forum petitioning the ruling party to dismiss their chairman, visit President Yoweri Museveni.

In a letter to Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, the party’s chairperson disciplinary committee, Mbabazi’s supporters claim Museveni has misused his office of national chairperson by failing to give clear guidance to members and that she should be investigated for forming cliques and promoting intrigue.

“During the month of Februarys 2014 during the retreat of NRM parliamentary caucus at Kyankwanzi, leadership institute, the chairman was at ”a watch” as members of parliament were violating and breaching the NRM constitution passing a resolution of endorsing Mr Museveni as the NRM party sole candidate for presidential elections 2016,” the petition reads in part.

“The resolution was illegal, null and void because it contravened with Article 39(1), 35 and 39 (2) of the NRM constitution. The chairman is aware of all these constitutional articles, but the party constitution was breached under his chairmanship. He failed to give a clear guidance to members of Parliament,” the statement, signed by Shakur Walusimbi and Kato Isa, reads in part.

The latest development comes at a time of heightened political tensions within NRM with fears that Mbabazi is quietly supporting the youth groups to embarrass ad humiliate Museveni.

While Mbabazi has denied reports he wants to contest in the 2016 presidential elections, he is yet to distance himself from the actions of his supporters.

Mbabazi, who was recently sacked as Prime Minister before being forced to take leave as NRM’s Secretary General, maintains he is energised by the support of those who spot presidential attributes in his personality.

The NRM Poor Youth, who have been in and out of jail for engaging in activities thought to be undermining President Museveni, said “the chairman (Museveni) using the NRM parliamentary caucus has usurped all the powers of other party organs like National Conference, National Executive Committee and CEC among others.”

The NRM poor Youth's petition seeking Museveni's dismissal from NRM

Part of the NRM poor Youth’s petition seeking Museveni’s dismissal from NRM

In their petition which Chimpreports has seen, the youth claim the national chairman has failed to ensure work on the construction of the “movement House” is expedited.

They further argue that Museveni has failed to perform party activities diligently as he is too busy with state and government work.

The youth further allege that Museveni has deliberately weakened the party and prefers having a weak and poor NRM.

“This is why NEC, CEC and DEC and others their powers have been usurped by the caucus that can easily be manipulated.”

The youth recommended that Museveni “should be dismissed as NRM national chairman of the NRM party and be held solely responsible for wrongs committed against NRM” and that “he should not participate whatsoever in managing, organising and chairing the NRM delegates’ conference of December 2014 as recommended by CEC.”

They also want Museveni to appear before the disciplinary committee “and investigations be carried out against him and be given an opportunity for a fair hearing.”

The youth said Museveni should also step aside to avoid influencing the outcome of the hearing and that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga takes charge in managing the forthcoming delegates’ conference.
State House and security officials in Rwenzori region have given a one day ultimatum to over 4000 illegal settlers to vacate Rwebale Market in Butunduzi Sub County, discount Kyenjojo District.

This comes hardly a month after National Forestry Authority (NFA) officials evicted 8, sick 000 encroachers from Matiri Forest Reserve in the same district.

Some evictees took refuge in the neighboring districts while others approximated to be 4000 in number erected temporary huts in Rwaibale Market and settled there as a way of expressing their disgruntlement with government.

However, due to overcrowding in the small market area, the settlers started complaining of insecurity and poor sanitation.
On Wednesday, they were shocked when they received a communication from officials from State House and district security ordering them to vacate the market area.

The team comprising of Presidential Advisor, Apollo Mabaati, Rwenzori Regional Police Commander Dennis Namuwoza and RDC Peter Mwesige communicated this in a meeting with the illegal settlers.

In the meeting, Mabaati said, “Much as you are NRM supporters, the president does not allow you to be criminals who encroach on forest reserves.”

Mabaati also warned them against mistaking the eviction for tribalism.

“Conservation of forest resources is engrained in government policy. Stop mixing evictions with tribe. Majority of you says that NFA officials evicted you because they are Batooro whereas you are Rwandan and Bafuruki. This is not true,” he added.

The camp’s chair, 63 -year-old Omuhereza Kisembo blamed NFA officials for opening up new boundaries which he said entered their private land.

He said they were disappointed with NFA because most of the evictees had settled in the disputed land since 1900 adding that the move was malicious.
Kisembo said, “When we camped here in the market, the district leaders neglected us despite several outcries. We had no sanitary facilities and were just using a 2 stance pit latrine which could not accommodate this huge number.”

In their response, the officials insisted that despite the group’s lamentations and leaders’ neglect they had to vacate the area within this week because their stay was illegal.

They added that Anti-riot police would be deployed on Thursday to start getting them moving and failure to do so; force and teargas were to be applied to have them leave.


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