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State House Imposters Rounded up in Church

The deputy Speaker of Parliament, seek Jacob Oulanya Lanywen has said the clear winner of the two years yet to come presidential general elections in 2016 is non-other than President Yoweri Museveni.

Oulanya who has on several occasions confessed that Museveni is his number one hero and role model, hinted that there is no need for anyone to be bothering him or herself swallowing panadol and thinking about who is going to steer the nation after the coming elections since Museveni who is also the chairman of the ruling National Resistance Movement party, shall emerge victorious with a landslide margin.

Speaking in his constituency on Friday, Oulanya told his Omoro county voters that only his parliamentary seat and other Members of Parliament or other elective positions are supposed to be thought about but for the president, there is no need.

“My people, there is one thing I want to put categorically clear to all of you. Don’t take any panadol, don’t go to any witch doctor and don’t bother your selves thinking on who is going to be our next president come 2016. President Museveni is the winner and already the president for that period.” Oulanya told his voters in Luo receiving a thunderous cheers and ululation owing to his tactical phrasing.

“Yes, you can do all that I have mentioned and even many more wondering who is the next MP for Omoro, Aswa, Gulu municipality, Lira, Kampala, Mbabara and the rest but for president, stay put.” Oulanya added.

President Museveni won the last elections of 2011 with 67% ahead of his closed opponent Dr. Kiza Besigye of Forum for Democratic who has contested against him for 3 times.

Oulanya also distributed hundreds of Ox ploughs to several groups in each over 50 parishes in the vast constituency and hand hoes to each adult where he emphasized them to embrace President Museveni`s poverty eradication programe of demarcating four hectares in to four for cash crop, animal keeping, fruit farming and grass pasture.

“Agriculture is the main option for us in the rural settings to make poverty history. Let us put into practice the president`s program and we shall not suffer.” Ouanya told thousands who also turned up for the hoes.

Oulanya`s comments saying Museveni is the 2016 winner come months after the NRM Caucus in February sat for 10 days from 6th to 16th at Kyankwanzi National Leadership Institute and resolved that President Museveni should be their sole candidate for the 2016 general elections, a move that many saw was plot to curtail the then Prime Minister and Secretary General, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi`s ambition for standing against the latter.

The Kyankwanzi event was followed by series of dramatic caucuses and subsequently Central Executive Committee meetings that culminated into Mbabazi being sacked as Prime minister on 18th September and exactly a month later on 18th October he was quietly forced out of office by CEC.

The ruling party is currently organizing a National Delegates` Conference slated for December 15th at Nambole Stadium where a number of changes in the party constitution are expected to be effected by the members including giving the chairman of the party powers to appoint the Secretary General.

Oulanya in Omoro

Oulanya in Omoro


Police in Bushenyi are holding 4 people for impersonating intelligence officials attached to State House.

The Bushenyi district police commander, prostate Richard Anyama identified the suspects as John Mugisha, information pills 36, prescription Chris Kamanyi, Irene Ntare, and Joseph Bukenya, all from Kampala.

Anyama said that the four were found addressing Christians at Dominor Church in Rwentuha in Kyeizooba sub county, Bushenyi district yesterday.

It is alleged that the four were urging over 300 Christians to contribute shs 3000 each to register a SACCO for their church such that they can get support from State House under their umbrella voice of movement.

Anyama said one of the suspects called Mugisha was found with a UPDF Uniform with the rank of captain but after interrogations, he was found without any identification showing that he was an army officer.

After sometime, Mugisa was also found with an ID which had the names, Pastor John Mugisha of Namungoona Full Gospel Church.

Anyama said that the four shall be lined before Courts of Laws to face charges of impersonation and organizing an illegal assembly as police continue with investigations.





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