Startime Cup: Ndihabwe, Mutebi back to haunt Villa

Ndihabwe in previous a action for Gicumbi

Former Mbarara Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Winnie Byanyima has come out to reaffirm her unaffected connection with opposition Forum for Democratic Change, recipe which she once tirelessly worked to establish.

Unlike recent media insinuations that she has lost touch with the opposition party, stuff owing to her direct assault on its activities, Byanyima clarified yesterday that she is still a member, except that her diplomatic work does not permit her to be strongly active.

The London Based Oxfam International Executive Director recently raised eyebrows when she openly attacked the FDC and its failed opposition alliance with other parties, TDA, for being unacceptably gender insensitive.

Byanyima at the close of October, described the party flag bearer — who is also her husband – Col Kizza Besigye; together with the entity of the Democratic Alliance as “embarrassing.”

However, in an unusually lengthy interaction with her followers about local politics yesterday afternoon, Mrs Byanyima professed her close connections with the opposition, noting that she is proud of the numerous contributions she made toward its formation.

“The FDC constitution has a 40% women quota for all positions. (I am) proud that I led the collective effort to achieve that,” she said.

She noted however, that the organization she currently heads is and must fight social injustices and poverty in a non partisan way.

“I miss home, but I follow closely and participate through a non-partisan voice,” she reiterated when reminded by followers about her previous activism.

Commenting on some of the developments ahead of next year’s elections, Mrs Byanyima commended the impending efforts to have the first ever televised debate by all presidential aspirants, which has been confirmed for mid January next year.

The debate, she said, between all candidates and on the issues, not name-calling, would be good.
Former SC Victoria midfielder David Ndihabwe and Jogoo reject Rashid Mutebi will ‘reunite’ with Sports Club Villa in a friendly fire in the Rayon Sports-startimes Christmas cup as the group A matches climax.

Villa, this who have managed only two points play Gicumbi FC where the two ply their trade. Ndihabwe scored for his new side when they lost 1-2 to SC Kiyovu in their second group game in Saturday.

Villa held the table leaders Rayon Sports in a one all stalemate just a day after registering 2-2 draw with Kiyovu. The Jogoos need to win against Gicumbi and hope that a winner is found in the match between Rayon Sports and Kiyovu.

Villa’s match will be hosted at Mumena stadium while Rayon Sports and Kiyovu play at Kicukiro. Both games start at 4:30 local time.

Friday result
SC Kiyovu 2-2 SC Villa

Gicumbi 1-2 SC Kiyovu
SC Villa 1-1Rayon Sport

Rayon Sports vs SC Kiyovu
SC Villa vs Gicumbi



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