Splinter NRM Diaspora League Accused of Issuing Fake Turkish Visas

The fake Turkish visas allegedly issued to two of the victims
The fake Turkish visas allegedly issued to two of the victims

Chimpreports has learnt of a syndicate that saw a number of Ugandans heading to Turkey, intercepted at Entebbe International Airport in possession of fake visas to the Eastern European nation.

After being intercepted by the authorities late last month, the victims, among them two young women Shamim Nakanjako and Brenda Nakidde, were handed over to  police.

The women who were in company of a one identified as Brian Magala, later sought help from Interpol, complaining that they had received the visas from a person named Moses Kawooya, the director of KAPSSA, a company that deals in externalization of labor.

Kawooya was arrested and taken to Interpol offices in Kololo but was later released after explaining that he had no hand in the issuance of that fake visas but his office was just used to fill the forms.

Kawooya told this website when reached, that he didn’t partake in the visa scam, but admitted that he was summoned by Interpol over related issues.

“I have never been arrested; I was called to Interpol, because of Brian. I do genuine business and those people that I take abroad pass through rightful procedures,” Kawoya said.

The Interpol Spokesperson, Vincent Ssekate though, seemed unaware of the case and promised to get back to us, but had since not returned our calls.

We also attempted to reach out to Brian Magala to clarify on his arrest but he didn’t pick the calls.

Bulhan Kamul

Bulhan Kamul

However, one of the victims who requested anonymity narrated that she was duped by a one Bulhan Kamul, who told her that he is the Chairperson of the Turkish NRM Chapter and working with the Splinter NRM Diaspora League Secretary General, Godius Yesigye.

“(Kamul) promised to find us jobs in Turkey and we had to give him some money to process our documents. But we were shocked on arrival at (Entebbe) airport to be told that we had fake visas,” said the victim.

“Kamul assured us that is was a good deal for us to travel to Turkey. We also had conversations with some Ugandans in Turkey who were waiting for us; we tried to call Kamul but failed to reach him,” she added.

This website separately learnt that Kamul had collected up to $10, 000 from some Ugandans in Turkey who had ordered for the girls. We couldn’t however, establish what kinds of jobs the young women were being taken to do.

“Kamul assured me that he would help get someone from Uganda and that since he is connected to NRM’s Godius Yesigye it would be very easy; I gave him $1300 including the air ticket but to date I haven’t heard from him,” claimed one of the affected Ugandans in Turkey.

Another person claimed that he was conned over $6000 by Kamul, and this one vowed to pursue him until he is brought to justice.

Chimpreports made several attempts to reach out to Kamul but couldn’t connect to him through his known contacts.

We however came across an audio that has been spreading on the different Whatsapp groups of Ugandans in Turkey.

In the audio recorded by Kamul and addressed to a one Seleb, he admits involvement in the syndicate, but urges those aggrieved to understand that he is not alone but there are other members who have also stolen money from Ugandans living in Turkey and those traveling there.

Godius Yesigye, the Secretary General of the Splinter NRM Diaspora League

Godius Yesigye, the Secretary General of the Splinter NRM Diaspora League

“I have head of a person called Sadat, who promised to pull out my finger nails. But before he thinks of that, he should add on the list of those to lose their nails, another person called Kalule Lule Sirajje; because he has contributed 50 percent to this business. Sirajje witnessed the girls that we were supposed to bring in, and half the money is in his pocket,” said Kamul in the audio.

Some of the accused are said to be members of a splinter group from the NRM Diaspora league who have since formed an interim committee that is headed by Patrick Asiimwe and the Secretary General Godius Yesigye.

Kamul was recently seen with Mr Yesigye while the latter addressed press on the controversial issuance of NRM party cards for members in the diaspora.

But when contacted, Mr Yesigye denied knowledge of the scam and said he wasn’t that close to Kamul.

“I don’t even have his number he is not a person that we have been talking so much, he is not close to me at all, he is the coordinator of Turkey chapter,” he said.

“I have never got even a call from Mr. Kamul seeking for any assistance of the sort, and as a lawyer, I weigh what assistance I can offer to somebody. Besides, we are not the kind of people that just recommend people to go to Turkey or elsewhere unless someone is going for medical issues.”

On using his name to con people, Yesigye said, “You can see a character and tell what he is capable of doing. The way I see this young Muslim man, he looks honest but for survival you never know what he could be doing.”


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