South Sudan War Worsens

Fighting has escalated in South Sudan with government troops widening its areas of operation against the rebels in Jonglei State, visit this cheapest Chimp Corps exclusively report.

Rebel spokesperson, viagra 40mg Brig Lul Koang says SPLA are also using boats to move soldiers across White Nile River to engage opposition forces.

“Government forces supported by Johnson Olony’s militias today in the morning launched fresh attacks our positions in Fangak and Pigi Counties in northern Jonglei State,” said Koang.

“The main force riding in 12 speed boats mounted with 12.7 and 14.5 machines approached Phom El Zaraf from Malakal town using the White Nile River as the conduit of attacks but were spotted and neutralized by our combat support units resulting in the destruction and subsequent sinking of 5 boats with hundreds of SPLA’s Marines feared to have drowned,” he added.

This website could not verify Koang’s claims as SPLA spokesperson Col Phillip Aguer was not readily available for comment.

The rebels have previously claimed capturing towns from SPLA, assertions which have turned out to be untrue.

The latest skirmishes broke out last weekend with rebels using 7,000 combatants to strike government positions in Upper Nile State.

President Kiir responded by withdrawing his peace team from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where it has been holding negotiations with rebel leader, Dr Riek Machar’s representatives.

IGAD and United Nations have since warned Machar of “consequences” should he continue pursuing the path of war instead of seeking a political settlement to his personal disagreements with President Kiir that have plunged the nation into turmoil and threatened lives of millions with hunger.

Koang told Chimpreports that SPLA forces on Tuesday crossed White Nile River from Tonga-Panyikang County, Upper Nile State to attack Tangbwong and Phome El Zaraf but that the government offensive was repulsed.

“Resistance Forces under direct command of Lt. Col. Thor Gang Lual and under overall command of Maj, Gen. Gabriel Tangiye today succeeded in dislodging government troops and militias who temporarily took control of Khor Fulus 48 hours ago,” he added.

Kiir, who is currently in Sudan to discuss oil business wrangles, security issues and the future of the disputed oil-towns on two countries’ borders, recently said, “Our people are tired of war and I have always said that I will not be the first to take them and the country to war.”

He further pointed out that, “Peace cannot be brought by 1 person. It takes two people to bring peace. I cannot bring peace alone.”


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