South Sudan

South Sudan Rebels: We Want to Carry our Big Guns to Juba

By Richard Sultan

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) chief negotiator and the head of the SPLM-IO’s advance team to Juba Gen Taban Deng Gai has warned that the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCISS) may collapse because of Government’s objection to detail implementation of security arrangements in Greater Equatoria and Greater Bahr el Ghazal including cantonment sites for SPLM-IO forces.

He was speaking Monday at a press conference held at Dembesh Hotel to respond to the circulating rumours that the SPLM-IO leadership has been deliberately delaying the arrival of the security forces and the designated First Vice President in Juba and the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU).

He said the ARCISS wasn’t for Upper Nile Region and the Government.

“This agreement isn’t between Dinka and Nuer but it is about reforms in the whole country, salve ” warned Taban.

“Our Deputy Chairman Alfred Lado Gore and many of our top leadership as well come from Equatoria region and others from Bahr Ghazal, click as such, viagra dosage there is no way you can say these people have no following from where they come from,” he added.

On the arrival of the SPLM-IO forces, Taban said that the TROIKA and UN have been so adamant that they cannot transport those forces along with their organic weapons such as PKM and RPGs to Juba but having these soldiers without their organic weapons in Juba violates the standard of armament as well as the transitional security arrangement itself.

“Having the soldiers in Juba without the organic weapons is like somebody taking oxygen away from you which means there is no life,” said Taban.

He continued that their forces are ready for transportation to Juba and other towns as per the security arrangements.

“For the last three weeks, our forces have been awaiting pick-up from Pagak, Kaldak South of Malakal, and Boaw in Unity State. Who now is behind the delay?,” Taban questioned before adding that the 23 SPLM-IO generals scheduled to arrive Monday couldn’t make it because the government has refused to give a flight clearance for picking them up.

The Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Marial denied this claim at a later press conference.


However, in a hopeful tone, Taban concluded that the IO is committed in spirit and letter in implementing the agreement and that is why according to him, “we have always been ahead of all partners in quickly implementing the pact to quickly rescue our people from imminent collapse and alleviate the suffering of our people. Unfortunately we lack the needed resources”.

The GRSS and the SPLM-IO have been at death end over the cantonment sites for the SPLM-IO forces with the GRSS insisting there are no SPLM-IO forces in Equatoria and Bahr Ghazal regions but only a bunch of criminals who are taking the law into their own hands and thus can’t recognize them as IO forces.

Last week the acting spokesperson of the Sudan People Liberation Army Lt Col Marko said that the SPLM-IO were “hell bent on recruiting every criminal in the country.”

The conflict in the country started in Dec 2013 has cause immense suffering to the people of South Sudan.

The warring parties last year signed a peace deal to implement to end the conflict but implementation has dragged on due to mistrust.

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