Singer Rena Slaps Pervert for Bad Touch

Kacey Moore Ghana

Kacey is 29 years old and born in Accra. He is a married poet and songwriter, information pills http://corpuschristimiami.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.photon.php with a daughter. He enjoys banku and okro stew and says his favorite books are the Bible, stomach http://colombiareports.com/wp-includes/class-wp-roles.php the dictionary, and the thesaurus. Kacey also likes the music of Usher and Lauryn Hill.

Kacey Moore describes himself as a ‘go-getter’ as well as ‘punctual, a leader, a creator and a voice’. His favorite quality is punctuality and it is important to him in both himself and others.

He entered Big Brother Hotshots as a business decision, seeking exposure to the rest of the world. Kacey Moore promises viewers ‘a real person with no fakeness’. If he wins the grand prize, he’ll buy houses for his wife and mother and set up a recording studio so he can record and release his own album under his own label.

Laveda – Tanzania

Laveda is a 23 year old Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences graduate and was born in Dar Es Salaam. She’s single and describes herself as ‘eccentric, loving, caring, simple and fun’. Laveda is the eldest of three children and she has a younger brother and sister. She says her mom is her role model because she has molded her over the years and inspired her in different ways ‘through the struggles and joy of life’.

Laveda says her favorite foods are pasta and minced meat, and prawns. She loves to read John Grisham novels and enjoys the music of Shakira, D’Banj, Miriam Makeba, P.Square, Rihanna, Beyonce, Tiwa Savage, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Brenda Fassie. She’s a mean entertainer herself, she plays the saxophone, sings, acts and dances and thinks she’d make a ‘potential’ presenter. Laveda’s favorite movies include The Notebook, Titanic and Avatar.

She entered Big Brother Hotshots to be a role model and act as a voice for Africa’s youth. Laveda says that viewers can expect ‘massive entertainment’ from her and that if she wins, she’ll give her mom some money, ‘surprise disadvantaged children’, travel and invest the rest.

JJ – Zimbabwe

JJ is 23 years old and calls himself ‘an entertainer’ on the back of his work as a ‘singer, rapper, actor, songwriter and director’. His inspiration behind entering Big Brother Hotshots is the platform the show provides. ‘It’s a necessary foundation for me to be able to produce my own music even if I don’t win the money,’ he says.

He says that viewers can expect to be entertained, and that they’ll also have a gym partner every morning. If he wins the money, he’ll fix up his parents’ house, invest in his career by working on his first international album and give some money to charity.

JJ loves Italian and Japanese food, his favorite book is Shakespeare’s Macbeth and his favorite TV show is Elementary. His favorite musicians are JP Cooper, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and MiCasa’s J.Something. His all-time favorite films are 300, The Vow and American Gangster, with his favorite actor, Denzel Washington.

He believes that the best thing about Africa is that ‘the people are all full of life’. His favorite place in Zimbabwe is Inyaga, and outside it is Manchester in England, ‘home of the greatest football club and where I found my feet and my passion’, he says.

Kacey Moore - Ghana-1

Kacey Moore – Ghana

Laveda - Tanzania

Laveda – Tanzania

Many times, side effects http://consultants-lactation.org/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-theme-upgrader-skin.php female musicians and performers in Uganda and elsewhere in the world have been molested and disrespected by revellers while on stage but local musician, viagra Renah Nalumansi showed that she cannot let that happen to her as she heavily slapped a disrespectful fan on stage who attempted to reach for her womanhood as she performed.

The ‘Ontambuza’ songbird and former Dream Girls member slapped and pushed the discourteous male fan that was trying to pass a coin into her groin area given that she was clad in very skimpy tight shorts.

The fan in question approached her as she performed on stage and instead of putting the coin on the floor; he bent to fix the coin in her pants which would have meant touching her disrespectfully.

Renah reacted by acutely slapping and pushing the guy away before he could even touch her.

She then continued singing like nothing had just happened. This video caused a lot of puff on social media especially Facebook with most agreeing that the guy deserved being slapped as he was disrespectful while the others insisted that Renah deserved it for dressing so indecently.

“No disrespect but she deserved that. She would have dressed in a more decent way while performing in Uganda. The guy also deserved being slapped, treat ” a fan said.

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