Sheikh Kamoga Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

Sheikh Yunus Kamoga in court before the sentence was read out

High Court in Kampala has sentenced Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and three other convicts to spend the rest of their lives  in Prison for Terrorism.

The three judges of High Court’s International Crimes Court read out the stern sentence a few minutes after 4pm on Tuesday.

The other convicts sentenced to life are Muluta Mudde Bukenya, Fahad Kalungi and Siraje Kawooya.

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The four, all of them Muslim Leaders were sentenced, according to the judges’ ruling, for failure to use their leadership positions to bring about harmony amongst  their followers.

Two other terrorism convicts Sekayanja Abdul Salaam and Kalungi Fahad were sentenced to 30 years in jail, being that they were not in leadership positions.

Terrorism upon conviction attracts a minimum of 35 years and a maximum of life imprisonment, according to Sec 71(b) of the Anti Terrorism Act.

The Judges said they decided on such a harsh sentence, considering the gravity of the offence (terrorism) and and also to send out a message to those who abuse their leadership positions.

The also ruled that the offences were pre-meditated and plotted by the convicts in Mosques and various other places.

Kamoga and 5 others were yesterday convicted for Terrorism, but exonerated on charges of murder and attempted murder of fellow Muslim leaders.

They were accused of orchestrating the deaths of Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga, Sheikh Abdu Kadhir Muwaya, Sheikh Hassan Kirya and attempting to murder Sheikh Harunah Jemba.

Kamoga was found to have among others issued death threats to some of the victims and survivors; by way of fliers.

The judges also dismissed claims by defense lawyers that the evidence on which Kamoga and the other five were convicted was circumstantial, noting that the evidence directed linked the convicts to the crime.

The defense team had asked for the convicts to be cautioned and freed.

Meanwhile, yesterday,  a total of 8 out of 14 suspects were found not guilty of all charges by the court and were freed.

Those acquitted of all counts by the three judges are Amir Kinene, his brother Hakeem Kinene, Sematimba Abdul Rashid, Hamza Kasirye, Sekitto Twaha, Jingo Rashid, Musa Isa Mubiru and Yiga George William.


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