Sectarian Sentiments Rock Amuru By-election

President Museveni drumming up support for the NRM flag-bearer in the recent Amuru by-election

A bitter row has erupted between Kabale Municipal Authorities and a section of teachers over unpaid salary arrears.

Teachers say that they were always mysteriously omitted from payrolls, clinic http://dentalrealsaltillo.com/media/widgetkit/widgets/slideshow/styles/showcase_buttons/template.php leading them to miss their salaries for some months.

Two teachers, buy information pills http://clicknbuy.tk/wp-includes/ms-files.php who spoke to ChimpReports on condition of anonymity, http://cctvcameraz.com/wp-content/plugins/easing-slider/includes/widget.php said that they were omitted from the payroll for several months; one was omitted for three months in 2010, and another from September 2012 to May 2013. They are now demanding shs 900,000 and shs 3.2 million respectively.

Led by the Uganda National Teachers Association (UNATU) Chairperson in Kabale Municipality, Denis Twine some teachers revealed that they have been complaining of unpaid arrears from 1998 to date.

Twine says that they had always been told to fill pay change report forms by the Municipality’s Senior Personnel Officer, Adam Tusiime, such that they can process their payment but in vain.

He however threatened that if they do not receive their arrears, they are to stage a peaceful demonstration until they are paid.

Tusiime, says that he had urged all those that had not received their salary arrears to submit their particulars, and that those who submitted were to receive their payments this month.

He however said that those who will not have received their payments at the end of the month will be paid in subsequent months.
The Amuru by-elections for district woman MP are underway, shop http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-to-twitter/wp-to-twitter-manager.php with Women’s Democracy Network Uganda expressing discomfort over sectarian sentiments in the poll.

“The ugly head of discrimination against women in politics reared its head yet again in the Amuru by-elections for district women MP, malady ” said the NGO, adding, “The NRM candidate (Jane Francis Okilli) is from Teso but married to a person from Amuru while the opposition candidate (Lucky Akello) is a person from Amuru but married to an Itesot. The two camps used the marital status of the two women to discredit their candidature and yet the law is very clear on who can contest for election for the position of MP.”

The organisation said one only has to be a citizen of Uganda which the two candidates are; be a registered voter and should have completed at least A’ level or its equivalent.

Women and men of 18 years and above according to Uganda’s Constitution are free to marry persons of their choice.

“Why should the person a woman chooses to marry be used to determine her political career? WDNU applauds Amb Otunnu for standing up to his fellow opposition leaders to denounce some of their statements on the fact that the NRM candidate is an Iteso and should not be voted for as district women MP in Amuru.”

Chimpreports understands some sections of the opposition have been riding on the tribal card to discredit the NRM candidate.

President Museveni who was in the area on Tuesday said there is no reason why Okilli should be blocked to stand for the vacant parliamentary seat and warned against spreading sectarianism.

Okilli condemned the politics of the opposition members whom she described as liars.

She appreciated the love that the people of Amuru District have shown her and said she is ready to work for the development of women and the people of Amuru.

Women’s Democracy Network Uganda said, “the quality and ability of the candidate to perform in that office should inform the choice of whom to vote not the person one is married to. The roles of MPs are clear and do not have anything to do with one’s marital status or the tribe one is married into. Our focus as Ugandans when determining whom to choose should be on the quality of the person and her/his ability to deliver on the mandate for the position which he/she is standing for.”

On Thursday, opposition members said they saw army trucks deploying soldiers in Amuru.

Museveni attacks opposition

President Museveni this week lashed out at opposition politicians who fight development in Amuru district, describing them as enemies within fighting people progress.

“People were coming from northern Uganda, West Nile, Sudan, Rwanda and Acholi to work in Kakira sugar works in Busoga. Because the NRM brought peace, we said, let us bring Kakira to Acholi, Kinyara to Lakang so that our children don’t have to go looking for these jobs. For two years we have been quarrelling over that one,” he said.

The President who was addressing hundreds of people at a bi-election rally in support of NRM candidate Jane Frances Akili at Olwol Village, Lamogi, Amuri District, said claims by opposition politician FDC’s Gilbert Oulanya that President Museveni wants to steal their land was unfortunate and that he did not have to steal anybody’s land to develop.

“They say Museveni wants to steal your land, do they know how many cows I have? I’m going to invite Gilbert Oulanya to show him my cows. I don’t need to steal land from anybody but people of Uganda must develop,” he said.

Giving an example of Gulu University, the President said because of this venture, business in Gulu has been transformed and is booming with over 4,000 students, lecturers and support staff who are buying from and working with the Acholi Community.

“In Mbarara before we had a milk factory, a litre of milk was 200 shillings. With the new factory the price is now 630shs and growing because of the demand. You people of Amuru, you have an enemy within you;  An enemy who is against your progress; who is opposing development. If money is bad, how much is Oulanya getting from Parliament? Oulanya says Museveni is bad but money is good. When I try to bring your own incomes here opposition say government is bad. You should know you have an enemy,” he said.

Using the biblical story in which King Solomon of Israel ruled between two women both claiming to be the mother of a child by tricking the parties into revealing their true feelings, the President said the opposition speak without shame.

“People who talk like that are not leaders. The way they talk shows that they are not the mothers and don’t understand planning and prioritization,” he said.

The President said they agreed with the opposition on how to bring peace to the north – that if the rebels came out of the bush, they would be welcomed but if they refused, the UPDF would go after them in the bush.

“Opposition went to radios and to the international community saying the NRM government is bad. We fought and defeated the rebels without any moral support from the opposition. We did not want them to come and fight in the bush, all we wanted was for them to pray for us,” he noted.

“They couldn’t even do that. The same with cattle rustling they opposed us, in Parliament, check the Hansard. They said we should not disarm the Karamajong. We disarmed them and recovered 20,000 guns without the support of the opposition. Now they have come here to oppose the factory,” he said.

The President said the opposition has no shame because if they did would not be saying what they are saying, always narrate negative stories instead of acknowledging the positive achievements including roads, schools, electricity etc in the district.

The Amuru by-election followed the resignation of Hon. Betty Bigombe who left for an international job with the World Bank.

Over 445 members of the opposition including independent-leaning Josephine Atim crossed to NRM .


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