School Cleaner Charged With Aggravated Defilement of Minor

Juma Mayanja

A 52-year-old man was Monday charged with aggravated defilement at City Hall Court in Kampala.

Juma Mayanja was charged with defilement of a 7-year-old pupil of Kampala Academy Primary school where he was working as a cleaner.

He was however declined to say anything since it is a capital offence that can only be heard in the High Court.

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“You shall not take plea because this is a capital offence that can only be heard in the High Court. However, you have a right to bail in the High Court,” said the trial Magistrate, Moses Nabende before remanding the accused to September 7.

Prosecution states that on August 13, 2017 at Kisaasi Kanisa Zone in Kampala district, Mayanja unlawfully performed a sexual act with a girl aged seven years.

According to the court documents, the victim and a Tanzanian national on the fateful day at around 8:30am went to the staffroom as Mugoya, one of the pupils also went to one of the school store.

While there, she (victim) heard the school matron calling them to go back to the dormitory; however she said we can stay.

“I saw Muzeyi picking rubbish in the compound, Mugoya told me to go to the store but it was locked and we remained standing in front of the door. Shortly Mugoya was called by the matron to go and wash her panties which she declined to do,” the victim stated.

“….Mugoya came back and told me that Muzeyi the cleaner was calling me at the store but the door was still locked and I decided to go to the swings. However, in the process of swinging I saw him (Muzeyi) opening the store and I approached him to find out why he was calling me, he denied doing so but I was already inside the store where I wanted to play with the drums,” the victim further stated.

The documents further state that the primary two pupil was pulled close by Muzeyi who put down her knickers and then landed her on the floor.

“… He forced himself inside me, which was so painful; I attempted to make an alarm but he covered my mouth,” she lamented.

While on the swing, three boys found her at the swings crying and she informed them she was defiled by Muzeyi and the matter was reported to the school head teacher.


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