Rwandan Youths Advised to Avoid Genocide Ideology

students who attended the function

Youths in Rwanda have been urged to take the lead in fighting against genocide ideology and combatting any form of divisionism if they are to grow up in a country free of Genocide and hatred.

The call was made by Elisabeth Mujawamariya, the coordinator of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) in Gicumbi and Rulindo Districts.

This was while she was delivering a lecture on prevention and fight against genocide ideology to students of Groupe Scolaire Byumba EER in Gicumbi, on August 23.

Reminiscing about how the 1994 genocide against the Tustsi almost completely wrecked the country with millions losing their lives, Mujawamariya explained to the students how ethnic rivalry seeds were planted in students then, consequently leading to the massacre.

By using examples, she also illustrated about the crime of genocide ideology and other related offences as well as the penalty to the crime.

“Article 3 of the law n° 84/2013 of 11/09/2013 on the crime of genocide ideology and other related offences defines the genocide ideology as any deliberate act, committed in public whether orally, written or video means or by any other means which may show that a person is characterized by ethnic, religious, nationality or racial-based with the aim to advocate for the commission of genocide or to support the genocide,” she said.

After the lecture, Gratien Gato, the history teacher at that school, emphasized on what Mujawamariya taught them and asked to the students to put all their energies in combatting the genocide ideology so that the genocide will never occur again.

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