Rwanda Gov’t Allocates Rwf 9.4 bn Legal Aid for the Poor

President Kagame

For so long, symptoms prostate tabloids have linked NTV’s Sheilah Gashumba to a long list of city guys but in a twist of events, a picture showing her with an unidentified guy in a bathroom has emerged and raised one too many an eyebrow.

In the picture, Sheilah, who is 18 years old, is seen in an intimate embrace with the guy that was holding her from behind as he took the picture in the bathroom mirror.

While it might have passed as an innocent picture, our keen eyes couldn’t help but notice the way the guy’s hand rested comfortably and kind of possessively near her groin area.

The fact that it was taken in a bathroom, a place of privacy further stresses the fact that there was nothing innocent about the snap.

Sheilah is also seen smiling and comfortable in the picture. Although this alone is not conclusive proof that this guy is her boyfriend, her body language and facial expression show that she is happy and satisfied.

A stubborn fan couldn’t also help but notice that Sheilah’s hair was disheveled, a fact that made him conclude that the two might have been to some fooling around.

The disheveled hair is not characteristic of Sheilah who is always picture perfect with well-groomed hair.

Sheilah has been linked to so many city dudes like Toniks, South Africa’s Face Off and of recent Nigerian star, Wizkid during his short visit to Kampala.

Sheilah has however, repeatedly denied all these allegations saying that she is still single, not seeing anyone and a virgin at that.
Police in Mpigi have started the hunt for unknown assailants who yesterday, information pills November 4th brutally murdered 2 year old Gerald Kalengyini, and his mother, Josephine Kamigisha both of Rwandan origin but residents of Kivu Village, Kamengo Sub County in Mpigi District.

The deceased were reportedly attacked at around 10:00 pm, while at their residence, all their limbs cut off and later dumped a distanvce from their home with their mouths tied with cloth and with ropes around their necks.

“The search for the criminals that were involved in the murder is going on, we are following blood traces, we shall surely get them,” said regional police spokesperson, Phillip Mukasa,.

Mukasa adds that it looked like someone wanted their limbs for ritual purpose, but says that Police also suspect this was done to cover up the murder.
Renowned local artist, ambulance actor and comedian, web Kato Lubwama was recently hospitalized at Uganda Heart Institute (UHI), shop Mulago where he was rushed a few days ago, ChimpLyf  has learnt.

Kato was diagnosed with Triple Vessels Disease (TVD), a condition that was discovered after a coronary angiogram procedure was done. Kato also suffers from diabetes, a condition that must have triggered his current heart problems.

Our ChimpLyf Corps learnt that Kato was rushed to the hospital after he got breathing complications as he climbed stairs of a certain building in Kampala. It has however, been revealed that the comedian’s condition is not worrying and that he will be fine once he gets proper treatment.

Sources also show that Kato has been advised to seek further treatment from either India or USA. It is said that Kato’s operation in India will cost between shs 30 and 40 million.

His fans, friends and family are said to have crowded the hospital room with all of them showing him love and support.

Most feared for his life especially after he was taken into the Intensive Care Unit on Monday but luckily he was discharged from hospital.
The Government of Rwanda has allocated Rwf 9.4 billion in legal aid services to the poor and vulnerable people as part of the efforts to ensure all Rwandans have access to quality justice.

In Rwanda, viagra legal aid is a free or subsidized service for eligible individuals or groups, purchase mainly non-well off and vulnerable, treatment provided as a means to strengthen their access to justice.

The amount allocated to the service is to be spent in a space of four years as stipulated in the National Legal Aid Policy approved by a recent cabinet meeting.

“Legal aid has always been provided but we lacked a clear policy that spells out what it is, how it is applied for, the criteria for accessing it and how it is managed. The policy clears that,” Justice minister Johnston Busingye has said.

He added: “Indigence will, going forward, need to be proved. We have already launched forms one fills to show that they are indigent. This will give us a scientific basis for our eventual determination whether one is indigent and the degree of indigence. The policy will very much enable otherwise unable citizens to access justice and also provide us with sound basis.”

There are currently seven main categories of legal aid providers in the country comprising of both state and non-state actors.

Also, there are several identified legal aid providers including two by the Ministry of Justice through Access to Justice Bureaus (MAJ) in every district, and local mediation committees (Abunzi), 30 development partners, four universities and 40 private practitioners.

Under the new policy, legal aid services to be provided to the indigents include legal information, education, advice, assistance and legal representation in court.

Other services include mediation, negotiation and collective legal action.

“A Legal Aid Fund will be established under the budget of the Ministry of Justice. This fund will hold all the money allocated by the government or received from donors as well as any contributions received from beneficiaries of government funded legal aid,” reads the policy paper.

Source: Gov’t of Rwanda

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