Rukungiri Teacher Beats P4 Pupil to Death

Police in Luwero district has started investigating the cause of a fire in which two children in Wampamba village, order Wobulenzi town council in Luwero district, about it died yesterday.

The deceased have been identified as Fred Mayanja aged 2 and Festa Mayanja aged 4.

At around 6:00 am, visit web their mother reportedly left for work at Wampamba trading center, but after a few minutes, she was notified that her house was on fire. Area residents tried to brake in but were unable to save the toddlers from the flames.

“What our investigation team has so far is that the fire came from a candle which the four year old lit, as their mother Harriet Nasaka had told him when she was leaving for work that morning.  We have taken the bodies to Luwero hospital for postmortem,” said Lamech Kigozi the area police spokesperson.
Police in Rukungiri district spent the better part of Thursday in running battles with parents who stormed Nyakisenyi Nursery Day and Boarding Primary School in protest, there after they learnt that Innocent Birungi, pharm a 13 year old P.4 pupil at the school had died of injuries sustained in corporal punishment from the school administrators.

Yesterday, Thursday the boy was reportedly involved in theft, and was reported by fellow pupils to the school director identified as Peninah Muhwezi.

The director together with the school watchman beat up the boy and critically injured him. He died shortly afterwards.

Elly Mate the police’s regional spokesperson says that Peninah Muhwezi the school director and the school guard are in police custody.

“By the time we came in, parents had ganged up to burn down the school; some property had already been destroyed. We rescued the school director who they had locked inside one of the buildings ready to set it on fire,” said Maate.

“We are still guarding the school for any eventuality but the situation is calm,” said Elly Mate.

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