Rare Incest Case Stalls at High Court

Hearing of one of the rarest incest cases in the country, cialis 40mg where 28 year old Muhammad Segwanga Balikyewunya is accused of raping his own sister and daughter, link did not kick off as scheduled on Tuesday.

In this case which is before High court judge justice Masalu Museni, Seggwanga is accused of defiling his biological daughter Nantale Hawula, a daughter to his sister Makayi Joweria.

The hearing was to start today after the state prosecutor’s request in the previous session to enable the key witness (Hawula) who was not in court to be present.

The was not possible even today as the senior state prosecutor Wanamama Iasaih asked for another adjournment on grounds that the witnesses could not make it court and that the state Attorney is still in consultations with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the same matter.

The judge adjourned the hearing of this case to 5th April 2016 and remanded the accused until the same date.


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