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Raid on Museveni Aide’s Residence

At about 3:20am this past Saturday, diagnosis physician Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs David Mafabi was dead asleep at his residence in Bweyogerere, viagra buy stomach Wakiso District.

“I suddenly woke up from sleep about 3.20am, pilule only to see a man standing at the foot of my bed,” recalls Mafabi.

“Up to now, I have not figured out how he got into the house – because no window or door was broken or forced … But, it was raining.”

The night witnessed a heavy downpour with strong winds.

The cloudburst could have possibly provided a perfect cover to the strangers to access Mafabi’s residence.

A strong critic of the opposition, Mafabi has won praises from NRM adherents and threats from the opposition in equal measure.

Planned raid or isolated burglary incident?  

“In shock and fighting off sleep, I shouted at him and sprang up in an attempt to grab him,” said Mafabi in a message to his friends.

“He dashed of very swiftly, and I gave the chase – through the back door which was unbolted, around to the front yard until he disappeared through the gate. I gave up because he had a clear head start.”

Returning to the house, Mafabi said he ascertained that everything was intact – “except he had made off with one of my laptops and flash discs which were in one of my documents’ bags” and that “Nothing else was taken.”

He immediately informed his colleagues and police about the incident.

Cases of burglary have been on the rise in recent months especially in Kampala suburbs of Bweyogerere, Najjera, Naalya and Kisaasi among others.

“The motive of the intruder is not clear – but if it was to interfere with my work, they failed. If it was to harm me – well, they will not have another opportunity.”


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