Queen Elizabeth NP Named Among 7 Natural Wonders of Africa

tree climbing lions

Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda has been named by Nat Geo Travel, popularly known as National Geographic Traveler Magazine, as one of the “seven incredible natural wonders of Africa”.

Nat Geo Travel unveiled the list over the weekend on their website.

According to the magazine, the only wild cats that safari goers are likely to see climbing trees in most of Africa’s national parks are leopards.

“But”, the magazine says, “it is not the case in the Ishasha area of Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park where visitors can expect to see lions dangling from large branches of fig trees.”

When the heat of the day sets in, according to the report, “most lions recline under a shady bush or tree, but the lions of Ishasha are inclined to climb up the tree.”

They discovered lions do that to escape the flies.

“Visit on a hot day, and it is likely there could be up to five lions in one tree at one time.”

Nat Geo covers world exploration trips and it is known to be a darling to those that love traveling and pleasure hunting.

Speaking to ChimpReports, Vincent Mugaba, the Public Relations Officer, Uganda Tourism Board, said that the development is a stamp of recognition on what makes Uganda so different and a destination every international visitor should have on their travel list.

“Continued good news stories like the one of Nat Geo Travel improve perceptions about the country,” Mugaba said. “What is unique about the Uganda travel experience is the fact that much of what we have cannot be found elsewhere.”

He gave an example of mountain gorillas.

As a country, he noted, such accolades go a long way in proving that when the public and private sector work together; a lot can be achieved.

He added: “The world will only know what is good about Uganda when we open our world to them.”

Mugaba reasons that with such accolades, “new attention” is brought on our National Parks and the “success of our conservation agencies, which also brings greater benefits on Uganda as a whole.”


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