Prosecution Brings ‘Kasiwukira Killer Vehicle’ to Court

State prosecution in the case where three people are accused of murdering businessman Eriya Bugembe Sebunya (Kasiwukira) has today produced a car that was allegedly used to murder him.

The three suspects accused of planning the murder are Sarah Sebunya Nabikolo (widow), price Sandra Nakungu (her sister) and Ashiraf Jadeni a police officer.

The sixth prosecution witness Richard Komakech, pill a resident of Muyenga Tankhill village told court that Kasiwukira was knocked dead by a Mitsubishi Pajero registration number UAE 018A which was waiting outside his residence.

“On the fateful day of 17th October 2014 as I took my child to school at around 6.30am, I found a Pajero, golden color with a silver guard and tinted glasses parked on the left hand side of road flashing double indicators,” he said.

The suspects Nakungu Sandrah and Sarah Nabikolo in court today

Suspects: Nakungu Sandrah and Sarah Nabikolo in court today

“I later heard a bang behind me and when I turned, I saw that a man, who had just passed me jogging, had been hit by the car. He fell into the windscreen then to the bonnet and later in the middle of the road.”

He says he proceeded to school and on return he found many people gathered at the scene.

“I didn’t report to Police, but I informed my boss who later reported the matter to our LC 1 Chairman Mr. Omar Yasin who in turn called in the police.”

The hearing of the case did not proceed further after one of the Defense counsels Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi informed court  that  the state had delayed to serve them with all the materials they intend to rely on, thereby requesting for n adjournment.

“The vehicle was not mentioned anywhere in the items the state is going to base on in this trial, so we need more time to study,” he asked.

Justice Masalu Musene adjourned the hearing of this case to tomorrow 30th March when the state is expected to parade more witnesses

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