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Pro-Mbabazi Posters Distributed in Kampala

Some of the pro-Mbabazi posters in Kampala (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe)

As the NRM party prepares for the National Delegates Conference on December 15 to elect their flag-bearer for the 2016 presidential elections, doctor former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s camp is not looking on idly.

Dozens of posters popularising Mbabazi’s alleged 2016 presidential bid have been widely circulated in Kampala.

Mbabazi was forced by the NRM Central Executive Committee – the second highest ranking party organ to take a leave until the end of December.

It is thought NRM will choose another Secretary General to replace Mbabazi who is accused of forming cliques, visit insubordination, undermining the party chairman and refusing to popularise the party’s resolution fronting Museveni as the NRM flag-bearer.

In Kampala, Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe reports:

As the country prepares for the 2016 Presidential elections, former Prime Minister and Kinkiizi West Member of Parliament, Amama Mbabazi seems to have started campaigns early enough if posters being circulated in Kampala are to go by.

The former premier, who maintains harbouring presidential ambitions is not a crime, has previously distanced himself from actions of his supporters including printing such posters.

Some of the posters spotted along Johnson and Luwum streets show a smiling Mbabazi dressed in a black suit and a yellow tie.

This is not the first time such posters are being distributed in Kampala.

A few months ago, Police arrested several supporters of Mbabazi as they tried to smuggle t-shirts and posters inside Mandela National Stadium during a football match.

It was alleged then that Mbabazi had released millions of shillings to print t-shirts, posters, banners and also buy tickets for his fans.

In a statement, Mbabazi denied the charge but confirmed he had previously supported the national team through purchasing tickets for fans.

“I have always supported our national team and have on some occasions in the past purchased tickets for a few fans. This is not the case this weekend as I have not purchased any tickets for the Cranes Vs Togo match,” Mbabazi said then.

Mbabazi maintains he will not stand against Museveni in 2016, a statement the president’s advisors continue to take with a pinch of salt.


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