Pro-Besigye ‘Benghazi’ Squad Defects to NRM

Benghazi group joined the NRM this week in Kampala

Social media platforms caught fire Thursday night after news trickled in that ASP Mohammed Kirumira would take over as DPC, more about http://cheapjuicer.xyz/wp-includes/feed-atom-comments.php Old Kampala Police Station.

Unlike other top commanders who have lost public support due to corruption and highhandedness, Kirumira’s ratings remain spectacularly high due to his extraordinary community policing and mobilisation skills.

Kirumira’s rise to fame was in 2014 when he sensationally alleged that senior police officers were part of a racket of criminals wreaking havoc in the city.

He was briefly arrested on grounds that he had received money from suspects before being cleared of any wrongdoing.

This was perceived as a plot to subdue the fast-rising police commander.

Kirumira’s reign at Nansana police station saw a massive crackdown on suspected hardcore criminals in the area.

Nansana residents developed a special bond with Kirumira for pacifying the area which had been haunted by violent crime.

He managed to draw neighbourhood watch systems and created an army of spies in his areas of operation.

By taking pre-emptive action based on credible and actionable intelligence, Kirumira won the hearts of many as thugs were denied space to act.

The brave Kirumira would be seen leading cops and crime preventers through alleys combing for suspected criminals.

It’s these achievements that saw Kirumira’s star shine dazzlingly.

The officer was later sent for a refresher course at the Uganda junior command and Staff College in Gaddafi barracks, Jinja before being sent to head Bwera Police Station in Kasese.


Ugandans have since taken to Facebook and Twitter to welcome Kirumira back to Kampala.

Solomon Nkuyege posted: “Very happy for my beloved police officer. Wish you well as you hunt these thugs terrorising people.”

Reacting to his new posting, Kirumira could not hide his joy as he released his “commitment to the people and loyalty to authority.”

He promised to deliver and also continue learning from superiors.

“Kampala, I am home coming, by Friday I will be running with thugs in Kisenyi,” he pledged to the people of Kampala.
Opposition pressure group code-named “Benghazi” has renounced FDC and its recent presidential flag-bearer Dr Kizza Besigye before pledging alliance to the NRM party.

Based in Kasangati, thumb http://crosscon.ca/wp-admin/includes/template.php Nangabo Sub-country, cheap http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp/images/secure.php Kyaddondo East Constituency in Wakiso district, purchase http://demamore.com/wp-includes/http.php the movement rose to prominence a few years ago when it started mobilising protests in the area.

Whenever police raided Kasangati to arrest Besigye, ‘Benghazi’ members would engage security forces in street battles.

This made Kasangati volatile.

The team’s name was coined around the events in Benghazi, Libya whereby the town acted as a centre and symbol of resistance against departed leader, Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Gaddafi was toppled in an uprising backed by western countries.

ChimpReports understands in a bid to isolate Besigye, Benghazi was penetrated and weakened by NRM mobilisers before its leaders chose to defect to the ruling party.

Addressing the media at Team Thorough offices in Bugolobi this week, the group of 50 leaders who represented over 700 people from Nangabo Sub County said they were tired of being taken advantage of by politicians whom they labelled self-seekers.


The group, led by Lamech Kyaddondo said they have for long been “misled by the opposition to participate in acts of sabotage” but have realized this cannot enhance their social- economic life.

They said they have “always suffered the repercussions whenever we participate in acts of violence yet politicians including Besigye who have been our leader” continues living better lives and their families are safe.

They added that these demonstrations usually initiated from Kasangati by Besigye “have built a negative image of the area and the residents are failing to progress because they are always on tension” and spend all their time in acts of violence and sabotage.

The youth requested Besigye to “stop his defiant demonstrations or else relocate to another area.”

Kyaddondo said most of his members are lured into demonstrations and riots in search of quick money because they are unemployed and redundant.

He told the media that they have waited in vain for Besigye’s promises to avail them with jobs and other unrealistic solutions to their problems.

“We are fed up with these acts of violence because for all the time we have had them, we have never realized anything good apart from our people suffering,” said Kyaddondo.


The Benghazi group, which is composed of mainly youth, requested government to help them start income generating activities and also incorporate them in the economic development programs like Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and the Youth Livelihood Program (YLP).

The group pledged to spread the gospel of peace and also to work with Government to ensure their transformation.

Davidson Sserunjogi who is the in-charge Team Thorough, Buganda Region, welcomed the group and said that NRM is a home for every Ugandan.

He appealed to them to love their country and safe-guard the peace ushered in by the NRM government.


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