President Kenyatta Survives Explosive Attack

Youth Members of Parliament elections early this week were punctuated with violence that culminated in the injuring of Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde in the western district of Fort Portal.

Violence was also reported in Masaka where polls were held for the central region, pharmacy and now it has emerged that the northern region was no exception.

The Forum for Democratic Change candidate Innocent Ayo has told us that he was forced to flee the tally center as the votes were being added.

In a phone interview with this reporter, Mr. Ayo who is also the FDC National Youth Chairman described the election as an affair of the sons of generals and not civilians.

Ayo stood with two other candidates Otema Awany, son of UPDF’s Chief of Logistics Brig. Otema Awany who eventually won the race on the National Resistance Movement ticket, and George Abdul Omongi who came second on the independent ticket.

“The election was not for the common man like me,” Ayo told us. “It was for the sons of generals.”

Two days later, the FDC candidate revealed he was not even aware or interested in knowing the number of votes he got in the exercise that he spent time and money on.

“The environment was tense from when we started (exercise) with soldiers everywhere and that was just the start,” he said.

“Violence erupted before the start of the tally and I just disappeared with my group. I honestly don’t know the votes I got and I don’t want to.”

The northern youth elections took place in Laroo Boarding Primary School. All the regions were won by the ruling party candidates.

In Central Uganda FDC’s Thomas Kyanja managed only four votes out of 1000 votes cast.

The youth election just like the other special interest groups represented in Parliament, is done by the Electoral College.
Kenyan authorities have in detention two men, approved one a police officer, who were caught sneaking in what is believed to be explosives at a function attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyan media report that the suspects were arrested as they tried to gain entry into the General Service Unit (GSU) training school in Embakasi, minutes before President Kenyatta arrived to reside over a pass out ceremony.

The suspects were reportedly carrying materials which when assembled could make a powerful explosive device.

Anxiety gripped security officers manning the gates, after it was discovered that an extra component to complete the explosive was missing raising fears that it could have already been sneaked into the event.

The terror suspects were whisked away to Anti-Terrorism Police Unit headquarters for questioning in order to establish their motive.

A security alert was issued immediately after the arrests and GSU sentries were ordered not to allow vehicles or pedestrians into the venue.

Only those carrying VIPs, including Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery were allowed in once the terror threat was discovered.

The suspects are being held at the anti-terrorism police unit headquarters.

from accessing the main venue in precautionary measures to avert any possible threat.

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has however refuted the report, stating that one person was found with a motherboard of a transistor radio as he queued to access the training school.

Security officials have been on high alert after Somalia-based Al Shabaab militants named a former University student as the leader of their Kenyan faction.




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