South Sudan

Power Deal: My Advice to South Sudan Rebels

In this modern world, case nobody exists in isolation. Any resolution of the conflict always involves external actors.

Besides, information pills there is no rebellion that can topple a legitimate government without external support.

For instance, Riek Machar’s rebellion cannot survive without a support in the region. If IGAD made recommendations to resolve the conflict and the Nuer rebels reject, any rational human would come to conclusion that there would be consequences for that.

The rejection of power-sharing deal by the rebels under Riek Machar has become something of concern not only to South Sudan people who are yearning for peace.

But also to IGAD and the rest of the international community.

If the Nuer rebels do not want the deal agreed by Riek, let them declare their new faction and inform the IGAD and the international community. This is not 1991. Any Nuer group that rejects IGAD mediated peace will be labelled as a terrorist group.

My honest advice to Nuer rebels is that inform IGAD practically if you are against power-sharing deal. If you don’t like what Riek Machar did, come up with the new leadership that will negotiate with the government. You cannot simply reject the power-sharing deal without informing the IGAD officially.

If the Nuer rebels do not want to be regarded as terrorists, they should tell the world their position clearly.

A sane person cannot reject what Riek Machar agreed to without informing the IGAD. Even Al-Qaeda terrorists will be smarter than Nuer extremists who reject the power-sharing deal without telling the world their position.

Ambassador Gordon Buay 


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