Police Clarifies on Canceled NTV Show, Denies Arresting Besigye Visitors

Col Dr Besigye was yesterday set to be hosted on NTV's Forth Estate from his home in Kasangati, only for police to force cancellation of the show

Police have responded to developing reports that a group of 76 supporters of Col Dr Kizza Besigye was curtailed from visiting him at his home in Kasangati on Easter Sunday.

The Police deputy spokesperson Polly Namaye says the alleged blockade and arrest of some of the supporters including religious leaders was “faked” to get public attention.

According to FDC officials, viagra buy http://circleofliferediscovery.com/blog/wp-includes/simplepie/iri.php the group that was traveling from Rukungiri, medicine http://cyberstudio.biz/main/components/com_contact/contact.php Dr Besigye’s home district in two coasters was intercepted and the gifts they were carrying confiscated.

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Some of the group members were reportedly arrested by police. Amongst these apparently, approved http://crossfitabf.com/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php were the Rukungiri Mayor Charles Makulu and three Anglican Church Reverends identified only as RT Rev. Bamushangire, RT Rev. Kanyonyi and Rt Rev Kahangirwe.

Contacted on the matter, the police deputy mouthpiece said these arrest reports were untrue.

She said the interception was to only synchronize the visit with police guidelines.

“Those people who are telling you that they were arrested are currently in Kasangati. We only stopped them for a while because they were many in number and we needed to scrutinize them as we have been doing,” she said.

“We have not stopped anyone from visiting Col Besigye’s residence, but if you are 70, we might want to first get to know you before letting you in.”

According to reports, a confrontation was by publication time still ongoing between  police and the blocked visitors at Luteete Trading center.


Meanwhile Namaye clarified on why police stopped a television program from being aired live from Besigye’s residence.

NTV’s late night political talk show, the “Forth Estate” was scheduled to be held from Besigye’s house, only for police to stop the equipment from entering.

Namaye said the station did not consult first with police about the program.

“That has been our procedure, even with the visitors. You don’t just wake up in the morning and say I am going to Besigye’s house. NTV did not inform us about the show, that is why we stopped it,” she added.



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